Breast Cancer Surgery Options for Patients from the Kissimmee, FL, Area

There are a number of breast cancer surgery procedures available to patients from Kissimmee, Florida, at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. Moffitt is a high-volume cancer center and we have earned an international reputation as a leader in complex cancer surgeries. Our surgical outcomes are highly successful due in part to our advanced techniques, and our fellowship-trained surgeons have helped improve the lives of thousands of patients. Additionally, our multispecialty approach ensures that our patients receive multiple expert opinions without the need for referrals.

At Moffitt, we understand that each breast cancer patient’s situation is unique, which is why we develop highly individualized treatment plans. Depending on a patient’s diagnosis and a number of other factors, our team may suggest breast cancer surgery. Some of the surgeries available to breast cancer patients from Kissimmee, FL, and elsewhere include the following: 

  • Partial mastectomy (or lumpectomy) – A breast-conserving surgery that removes a portion of a breast as well as some of the healthy tissue around it
  • Total (or simple) mastectomy – A breast cancer surgery that removes an entire breast
  • Modified (or radical) mastectomy – A procedure that removes a breast, the lymph nodes under the arm and the lining over the chest muscles
  • Prophylactic (or preventive) mastectomy – A surgery that may be elected by a woman who has been identified as having a high risk of developing breast cancer

Whenever possible, our surgeons use advanced techniques, such as skin-sparing and nipple/areola-sparing approaches, to conserve as much breast tissue as possible. 

To help make our out-of-town patients’ experience as convenient as possible, we have partnered with several nearby hotels that meet or exceed our strict infection control and hygiene standards. Additionally, a number of these hotels offer special rates to our patients. 

Breast cancer patients in Kissimmee, FL, who would like more information on breast cancer surgery options at Moffitt Cancer Center can call 1-888-663-3488 or complete our online form. No referral is necessary to consult with our team of oncologists.