Breast Cancer Recurrence Information for St. Petersburg, FL, Residents

The risk of breast cancer recurrence following the completion of treatment varies on many individual factors, such as the type of cancer and form of treatment provided. Recurrence can occur if some cancer cells survived the treatment and went dormant for an extended period of time before starting to grow again, either near the location of the original tumor or in another area of the body. Individuals from St. Petersburg, Florida, who have undergone breast cancer treatment can turn to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa for screening services and further treatment for recurrent breast cancer.

While each individual’s risk of breast cancer recurrence varies, there are certain steps a physician may recommend following breast cancer treatment to help prevent or identify cancerous activity early, including:

  • Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Avoiding tobacco products and reducing alcohol consumption
  • Continuing to have mammograms
  • Having regular checkups with an oncologist
  • Undergoing hormone therapy if the cancer was hormone-receptive
  • Having bone density scans

Patients in St. Petersburg, FL, who have previously received treatment for breast cancer and are concerned about recurrence can consult with a cancer expert at Moffitt. The multispecialty team of medical professionals in our Don & Erika Wallace Comprehensive Breast Program has an unsurpassed level of experience in screening, diagnosing and treating breast cancer. Our cancer experts collaborate as a tumor board to determine a treatment plan that is tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Additionally, Moffitt patients have access to a range of supportive care services under the same roof as their treatment to ensure all of their needs are met while dealing with cancer.

If you would like to discuss your individual risk level of breast cancer recurrence with a Moffitt physician or are in need of screening or treatment services, fill out a new patient registration form online or call 1-888-663-3488. We encourage patients from St. Petersburg, FL, and other nearby areas to schedule an appointment. Referrals are not required.