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What Should I Expect With Surgery for Adrenal Carcinoma?

Treatment for adrenal carcinoma often involves surgery to remove the tumor. If your physician has recommended surgery to treat an adrenal tumor, you may be wondering what this procedure entails. There are several different types of surgery available to treat adrenal cancer, and the approach that is right for you will depend on a number of individual factors, including the size and stage of the tumor, as well as your general health.

What types of surgery are used to treat adrenal carcinoma ?

The primary surgical approaches to treating adrenal carcinoma include:

  • Laparoscopic surgery – This minimally invasive surgery can be used for small adrenal tumors. This procedure requires a small incision in the patient’s side to insert a laparascope, which is a tube with a video camera attached to the end of it. A surgeon can remove the adrenal tumor through the tube.
  • Back incision – If the tumor is small, an incision may be made in the back, below the ribcage, to remove the tumor.
  • Front incision – For a larger tumor, a surgeon will make an incision in the abdomen to get a better view of how far the cancer has spread. In addition to removing the tumor, the surgeon may remove nearby lymph nodes and any other tissue that is affected.

Where can I receive adrenal carcinoma surgery?

Moffitt Cancer Center provides all of these types of adrenal carcinoma surgeries, as well as many other treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Our multispecialty team includes cancer experts from various disciplines who work together as a tumor board to review patient cases. This collaborative approach benefits our patients and ensures they receive the individualized treatment they deserve.

To learn more about receiving adrenal carcinoma surgery at Moffitt, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form. You do not need a referral to schedule an appointment.