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An estimated 45,000 Floridians will die this year from cancer.

Moffitt Cancer Center is Florida’s leader in preventing, treating and striving to cure one of our state’s top killers: cancer.

To continue its lifesaving mission for the people of Florida, Moffitt needs more space for more doctors and patients. The time to act is now because Moffitt Cancer Center is Florida’s Cancer Center.  

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Moffitt is out of space, and the consequences are real for many thousands of patients who receive a cancer diagnosis.

  • Core buildings on campus are more than 30 years old and cannot handle future demand.
  • The hospital is near or at full capacity every day.
  • Operating rooms need updating with the latest technology for innovative surgeries.
  • Moffitt is in danger of having to stop recruiting the best scientists because there is no space for them to work.

To address its urgent needs, Moffitt is asking the Legislature for an additional share of the state’s cigarette tax. That funding would give Moffitt the revenue it needs to pay a portion of the construction cost for two critical projects.





The additional cigarette tax revenue would directly help fund critically needed space, ensuring world-class cancer care for more patients and expanded lifesaving research. Here’s how:

New Hospital

  • Moffitt would build the second stage of a state-of-the-art clinical and research hospital. The added funding would increase patient capacity and fund vital upgrades and expansion for technology and research operations. This would start July 2020.
  • In addition, Moffitt would build clinical and research facilities on a new expansion campus in nearby Pasco County. This would allow Moffitt to meet future demand for cancer therapies, create a research park that would be a magnet for biotech partners, and expand its services in the Tampa Bay region. This would start July 2023.

The Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board called Moffitt’s plan a worthy project deserving serious consideration by the Florida Legislature and the full support of Tampa Bay’s legislative delegation.”



Moffitt Research buildingMoffitt has become an economic powerhouse. It continues to exceed prior Ernst & Young projections in revenue and employee growth. It has spurred entire industries. In 2019, the Moffitt enterprise supported 13,300 jobs throughout Florida, either directly or through its supply chain – and that meant $943 million in personal income for Florida workers. Moffitt’s job growth has jumped more than 40 percent over the last 5 years, and it will hire hundreds more people working in high-paying jobs.

The state's investment in Moffitt has produced major returns that consistently beat independent projections. Over the next 10 years, Moffitt's operations – not counting the new projects – are expected to create $3.16 billion in economic output per year. That would only grow if Moffitt could expand as needed. The payoff of the state’s long-time investment will be jeopardized if Moffitt cannot grow, modernize and recruit.


Moffitt physicians discussing caseMoffitt is distinctive within Florida and known throughout the nation and around the world for impactful research and quickly transitioning its scientific discoveries into real help for patients at Moffitt and other institutions. Moffitt doesn’t just incorporate innovative treatments, it invents them.  Moffitt is a world leader in immuno-oncology, specifically CAR-T therapy, a treatment that uses a patient’s own cells to recognize and attack tumors.

Its first-class research ranges from the development of a breast cancer vaccine to the innovative use of mathematical modeling to track and treat cancer. Moffitt’s expert teams lead some of the most promising research in melanoma – one of the deadliest skin cancers – as well as blood, ovarian, breast, lung, colon and rectal cancers. Moffitt gives hope to patients with previously untreatable cancers.


Ringing the bell after chemoCancer, along with heart disease, kills Floridians more than any other cause of death. The state has the second highest cancer burden in America. There is simply no place that responds in Florida like Moffitt Cancer Center – reducing suffering, saving lives, and pursuing cures. Moffitt is Florida’s preeminent institution for cancer care and research, but its impact is felt around the world. Moffitt serves more than 68,000 individual patients, up 42 percent from 2009. That number is expected to surpass 100,000 patients by 2026. Moffitt has successfully pursued its legislative mandate to train, teach and collaborate with other top institutions.


Cancer operates on fear. But cancer has one fear of its own: courage. At Moffitt Cancer Center we see that courage every day in our patients.

It’s why we’re every bit as relentless. Advancing personalized medicine and using predictive modeling to anticipate - and change - a tumor’s path. And exploring genomics, immunotherapy and more. Moffitt Cancer Center is at the very forefront of cancer centers worldwide in pioneering advances like CAR T-cell therapy, a promising approach to immunotherapy that uses a patient’s own immune cells to recognize and attack their tumors. Giving hope to patients with previously untreatable types of cancers.

At Moffitt, we want better treatments and more options. We won’t stop working to give everyone the options they need to #BeCourageous in the face of cancer.

Researcher in lab at Moffitt

If you support Moffitt’s legislative efforts, click here to provide your contact information!