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Thomas M. Rouse joins Moffitt's Board of Advisors

Thomas RouseThomas Rouse, who earned his bachelor’s degree at North Carolina State University in 1971, began his career in the credit card operations center of North Carolina National Bank. In 1981, he joined MTech, the progressive information technology (IT) subsidiary of MCorp, as executive vice president. During this time, he served as director of the Cirrus Board, substantially contributing to the design and development of the first national EFT system.

In 1988, Mr. Rouse helped found Affiliated Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS) for which he served as an executive vice president. At ACS, Mr. Rouse served in industry leadership positions on regional and national EFT boards. By the time he left ACS to focus on the credit card industry, the company had become the dominant player in the IT and BPO industry.

Leveraging his fifteen year career with ACS, in 1995, Mr. Rouse founded TransFirst, a credit card financial technology firm, where he served as Chairman and CEO. Mr. Rouse served in that capacity until 2007, when TransFirst was acquired by a private equity firm and he remained on the TransFirst Board until 2014.

In early 2015, Mr. Rouse teamed with two former associates of TransFirst to form R Squared Capital, LLC, a financial technology focused, private equity firm based in Dallas, Texas. Investments to date have been made in the financial technology, real estate, retail, and manufacturing industries.

In 2016, Mr. Rouse founded Berkshire Biomedical LLC in Dallas, Texas and serves as Chairman and CEO. Berkshire Biomedical’s products combine drug dispensing devices with management software to enhance tracking and control of the patient prescription cycle.