Moffitt Is Leading The Way In Genetics-Based Research, Diagnosis And Treatment

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Accurate treatment selection for cancer patients starts with correct diagnosis, which is at the core of the work being done at Moffitt Cancer Center’s own DeBartolo Family Personalized Medicine Institute (PMI). Here, a large team of subspecialized pathologists collaborates within the department, with clinical colleagues across the country and with experts around the world to leverage genetic findings and help improve outcomes. The PMI is utilizing data from Moffitt’s Total Cancer Care program, in which more than 100,000 patients have donated samples of their tumors to a biorepository. The samples are matched to clinical trials and help determine best treatment options based on their genetic profile.


McLeodHoward_12989.jpgDr. Howard Mcleod
Personalized Medicine Institute

An internationally recognized expert in how genetic makeup affects an individual’s response to cancer treatment, Dr. Howard McLeod is the founding Medical Director of the PMI and senior member in the Department of Cancer Epidemiology. McLeod is also Moffitt’s first cancer research endowed chair, as established by the Florida Legislature. He has been principal investigator for more than $16 million in grants and co-investigator for more than $80 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health. He has also authored more than 450 peer-reviewed papers on pharmacogenomics, applied therapeutics and clinical pharmacology.

Under Dr. McLeod’s leadership, Moffitt is working to expand the PMI – and this year, he and his growing team will open the first personalized medicine clinical training program in the world. In addition, Moffitt is establishing a multispecialty clinical genomic action committee, which will review tumor molecular information generated for every case at the center. Also in the works is a personalized medicine consulting service that will offer genomic expertise to physicians across the country. And, in the coming months, Moffitt will expand efforts to become one of the first cancer centers in the world to pre-test patients for genomics – leading to more effective treatments, reduced side effects and improved outcomes.

MaglioccoAnthony_9473.jpgDr. Anthony Magliocco
Precision Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

As chair of pathology, Dr. Anthony Magliocco is leading a team of researchers at the Precision Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, which also links to Moffitt’s Total Cancer Care program by providing advanced genomic diagnostic and testing development. This includes a vast array of new tests aimed at improving care, and helps ensure the correct diagnosis and proper treatment for each patient.

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