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A large NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center involves a lot of people, services and research. We're often asked questions about features unique to Moffitt. Below you'll find questions and answers to some of the most common reporter questions.

What is Cancer Answers™?
A toll-free telephone service Moffitt offers staffed by registered nurses who can talk to patients or family members about specific cancers and their treatments as well as clinical trials at Moffitt and elsewhere. The nurses handle more than 12,000 calls each year. The number is 888-663-3488.

What is Moffitt's mission?
To contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. The vision statement is: "To transform cancer care through service, science and partnership."

What does Moffitt's NCI "Comprehensive" designation mean?
According to the National Cancer Institute, the "Comprehensive" designation is conferred upon an elite group of cancer centers that represent “the strongest institutions in the nation dedicated to scientific innovation and excellence; to interdisciplinary research, training and education; and to coordinated recognition and pursuit of new research opportunities.” Each NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center receives grant support from the NCI and has an enhanced stature that attracts other federal and private grant funding as well. Such national prestige also attracts top physicians and scientists from around the world.

What date was Moffitt opened?
October 1986. Moffitt became a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center in 2001.

How many beds is Moffitt licensed for?
A full-service hospital, Moffitt is licensed for 206 beds.

What other clinical services does Moffitt provide?
A 36-bed blood and marrow transplant unit; 14 operating rooms; a diagnostic radiology department with MRI, PET/CT, digital mammography and all other imaging capabilities; and a radiation therapy department with seven linear accelerators

What is Moffitt Cancer Center Screening and Prevention?
Moffitt Cancer Center Screening and Prevention is a Moffitt outpatient clinic that provides clinical screening and diagnostic services, research and educational programs. It offers cancer screening and prevention services for men and women, genetic screening and counseling, smoking-cessation programs, comprehensive clinics for patients at elevated risk, a research laboratory for cancer control and population studies, clinical research trials, and a community education department. Specialized services, including the Genetic Counseling and Testing Program and the Tobacco Research and Intervention Program (TRIP), have been developed for high-risk patients.

What roles do Sen. Connie Mack and Sam Donaldson play?
Former U. S. Sen. Connie Mack is chair emeritus of the Moffitt Parent Board. Sam Donaldson, veteran ABC newsman, is chair emeritus of the Board of Advisors, which was created in 2003.

How many square feet of space does Moffitt represent?
Initial gross square feet of Moffitt Cancer Center in 1987 was 373,377. When the $186 million Tower Project was completed in 2003, the new buildings doubled the research and clinic space at Moffitt. Now Moffitt devotes more than 2 million square feet to research and patient care. This figure includes the Cancer Center hospital, Moffitt Research Center, Vincent A. Stabile Research Building, Muriel Rothman Building (Moffitt Clinic Building), South Expansion, M2Gen, Lifetime Cancer Screening & Prevention Center, Moffitt Business Center, Moffitt Foundation, Moffitt Cancer Center at International Plaza, Child Development Center, modulars, two garages and bridge.

What are some of the research programs at Moffitt?
The research programs are Molecular Oncology & Drug Discovery; Immunology; Experimental Therapeutics; Cancer Epidemiology; and Health Outcomes and Behavior. The Center’s research programs are grouped under four established divisions that were approved by the National Cancer Institute with the award of the Center’s NCI Cancer Center Support Grant Renewal in 2000 and NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center status. Moffitt is also the site of the National Functional Genomics Center funded by the U.S. Department of Defense.

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