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Original Forever Free®: A Guide to Remaining Smoke Free

This is the original set of 8 booklets designed to prevent smoking relapse among individuals who have recently attempted to quit smoking.

Evidence-Based:  The efficacy of these booklets has been supported in two clinical trials funded by the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute.  Results demonstrated that the booklets were effective at preventing smoking relapse throughout the two years of follow-up, and that they were highly cost-effective at producing expected life-years saved (Brandon et al., 2000; Brandon et al., 2004; Chirikos et al., 2004)

Booklet Topics  

Booklet 1:  An Overview

Booklet 2:  Smoking Urges

Booklet 3:  Smoking and Weight

Booklet 4:  What if You Have a Cigarette?

Booklet 5:  Your Health

Booklet 6:  Smoking, Stress, and Mood

Booklet 7:  Lifestyle Balance

Booklet 8:  Life without Cigarettes

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