Forever Free® For Baby and Me

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Forever Free®...for Baby and Me:
A Guide to Remaining Smoke Free

More and more women are quitting smoking during their pregnancy.  But up to 70% of them relapse after they give birth, putting both mother and infant at risk of smoking-related illness. This 10-booklet version of Forever Free® has been adapted for pregnant and postpartum women, and is based on previous research and interviews with women. It also includes a booklet for the woman’s partner.

Booklet Topics


 Booklet 1:   An Overview
 Booklet 2:   Partner Support
 Booklet 3:   Smoking Urges
 Booklet 4:   Smoking and Health
 Booklet 5:   A Time of Change
 Booklet 6:   What if You Have a Cigarette?
 Booklet 7:   Smoking, Stress, and Mood
 Booklet 8:   Lifestyle Balance
 Booklet 9:   Smoking and Weight
 Booklet 10: Life Without Cigarettes


Also Available in Spanish


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