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5/20    Michael Levin, Professor, Tufts University Endogenous voltage gradients and cancer as a development disorder:  patterning cues in the microenvironment that control carcinogenesis   PS-OC/IMO Seminar

5/17    Trevor Graham, Center for Evolution and Cancer Measuring clonal evolution in cancer:  patterns, pace and prognostic value  PS-OC/IMO Seminar

3/21    Sui Huang, Professor, Institute for Systems Biology Cancer attractors and cancer cell population dynamics:  A framework for non-genetic, non-darwinian evolution of cancer drug resistance  PS-OC/IMO Seminar

2/21    Philip Maini, Professor, Centre for Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Institute Modeling invasive process in biology  PS-OC/IMO Seminar

1/31   Amina A. Qutub, Assistant Professor, Rice University  Endothelial cells as state machines: predicting and controlling capillary development   PS-OC/IMO Seminar

Previous IMO Weekly Seminars


11/30  Arne Traulsen, Professor, Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology The dynamics of mutant clones in hierarchically organized tissues and their potential   PS-OC/IMO Seminar

9/6     Jason Hammond, IMO Post Doc Candidate, Statistical Cancer

8/17   Hemachander Subramanian, Post Doc Candidate (Gatenby), Interaction of magnetism with geometry

8/16   Wenfeng Kang, IMO Post Doc Candidate, Statistical Methodologies to optimize clinical trial design for cominatorial therapies against cancer

7/19  Deborah C. Markha, University of Oxford,  Modelling somatic evolution in ductal carcinomas PS-OC -IMO Seminar

7/10   Paul Orlando, Research Fellow, NIH, Cancer treatment as a game

6/29    Thomas Hillen, M.D., Professor, Graduate Chair, Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences/University of Alberta, Modelling of cell movement in tissues and application to glioma growth 

6/14   Uwe Rix, Ph.D., Assistant Member, Drug Discovery/Moffitt, Systems pharmacology approaches for the dissection and prediction ofdrug action 

5/21  James A. Glazier, Professor, Biocomplexity Institute and Department of Physics, Indiana UniversityApplying multi-scale, multi cell modeling of pathological neovascularization in the retina and solid tumors to suggest novel treatment strategies   PS-OC/IMO Seminar

5/16  Muhammad H. Zaman, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Medicine, Boston University,  Quantiative systems level understanding of tumor cell-matrix interactions in 3 D environments  PS-OC/IMO Seminar

4/27   Mark Lloyd, Core Staff Scientist, Analytic Microscopy/MoffittImage (in)e the possibilities 

3/8   Prakash Chinnayan, Ph.D., Assistant Member, Radiation Oncology/Moffitt.  TBA

2/23  Elena Fertig, John Hopkins UniversityModelling complex biochemical systems:  lessons from numberical weather prediction  PS-OC/IMO Seminar

2/2   Philip Gerlee, Ph.D. Post Doc, Cancer Center Sahlgrenska and Mathematical Sciences, Gothenburg University and Chalmers  The impact of phenotypic switching on glioblastoma growth and invasion

1/30   Joao Xavier, Ph.D. Assistant Faculty Member, Computational Biology, Memorial Sloan Cancer Center  Robustness in multicellularity  PS-OC/IMO Seminar


11/21   Katie Bentley, Ph.D., Vascular Biology Lab, CancerResearch UK,   Time to branch?  Simulations uncover newtemporal and spatial dynamics of tip cells in angiogenesis

11/18   Miguel Herrero, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Applied MathematicsUniversity of Complutense de Madrid  OptimizationProblems in Radiotherapy Dosimetry Planning

10/13   Ziv Frankenstein Ph.D., Weizmann Institute of Science (IMO Post Doc Candidate)   Thecytokine network architecture of intercellular communication

9/8   Melvyn S. Tockman, MD, Ph.D. Moffitt, Senior Member, Research  Looking at the Tumor's Edge

6/23   Irakli Loladze, Ph.D., Arizona State University (IMO Post Doc Candidate)  Growth Rate and Stoichiometric Homeostasis in Cells and Ecosystems: An Evolutionary Model based on Biomolecular Synthesis

6/22   Michael W. Conroy, Ph.D., University of South Florida(IMO Post Doc Candidate)  Models of Liquid Loss and Non-Newtonian Flow for Firefighting High-Expansion Aqueous Foams

6/20   Jayant Avva, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University,(IMO Post Doc Candidate A Methodology for Dynamic Expression Profile Extraction from Cytometry Data

6/16   Mun Ju Kim,Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh (IMO Post Doc Candidate)  Computational Models of T-Cell Killing Apparatus Aim Adjustment

5/16   Marcus Owen, Ph.D., The University of Nottingham  Mathematical Modeling Predicts SynergisticBenefits of Combining a Macrophage-Based Therapy with Chemotherapy

5/12   Steven A. Eschrich, Ph.D., Moffitt  Genes, Proteins and Networks:  MolecularAnalysis in Translational Research

5/5   David Axelrod, Ph.D., Rutgers University Stem Cell Dynamics in Normal Human Colon Crypts and the Progression to Colon Cancer PS-OC/IMO Seminar

4/22   Timothy W. Secomb, Ph.D.,  University ofArizona  Growth and Structural Adaptation of Microcirculation in Normal and Tumor Tissues PS-OC/IMO Seminar

4/7   Leonid A. Mirny, Ph.D., M.I.T. On Drivers and Passengers: A New Evolutionary Model of Cancer Progression PS-OC/IMOSeminar

3/24   Steve S. Brem, M.D., Moffitt  Developing Treatments of Malignant Gliomas Using Inhibitors of Angiogenesis and Invasion: Potential Rose for IntegratedMathematical Modeling

3/7   Heiko Enderling, Ph.D. Tufts University School of Medicine  Modeling the Cancer Stem Cell Hypothesis and Implications for Treatment IMO-PSOC Seminar

2/24   Alvaro Monteiro, Ph.D., Moffitt  Probing the DNA Damage Response Using Networks

2/14   Eric A Mellon, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania In Vivo NMR Spectroscopy of dfficult to detect metabolites

2/3   Conor Lynch,Ph.D., Moffitt  Mechanisms of Cell-Cell Interaction in the Metastatic Prostate-TumorBone Microenvironment

1/27   Paul Orlando, The University of Illinois at Chicago  Evolutionary Ecology of HPV: Tradeoffs, Co-Existence, and Species Originsof High-Risked and Low-Risk Types IMO-PSOC Seminar


12/9  Srikumar Chellappan, Ph.D., Moffitt, Novels Insights into Lung Cancer Stem-Like Cells, Angiogenesis and Metastasis

11/18   Prakash Chinnaiyan, M.D., Moffitt,  Targeting the Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) in Cancer: A Common Denominator of Unregulated Cellular Growth

10/25   Timothy Newman, Ph.D., Arizona State University,  Cancer Is Complex - But Is It Simple? IMO-PSOC Seminar

10/14   Michael Tomblyn, M.D., MS, Moffitt,  Dosimetric Challenges for Delivery of Intrathecal Radioim

10/7   Jill Gallaher,Ph.D., IMO Post Doc Candidate, Pore Kinetics of Pure Lipid Bilayer Membranes at the Melting Transition

9/23 Shengyu Yang, Ph.D., Moffitt, Critical Roles of Actin Cytoskeleton in Cancer Metastasis

9/20 Hongfei Wu,Ph.D., IMO Post Doc Candidate, Stability of Viscoelastic Drop to Finite Perturbation/Multi-scale Simulation of Droplets on Solid Surfaces

9/17 Hugo Aerts,Ph.D., University of Maastricht, Identification of the Radioresistant Areas Within the Tumor: Towards Dose Painting by Volumes

9/16 Amlan Chakraborty,Ph.D., IMO Post Doc Candidate, Effects of Bidirectional Ocillatory Shear Stress on Endothelial Cell Proliferation, Morphology and Atherogenic Gene Expressions

8/26 Haley Jane Abel,Ph.D., University of Utah, Estimating Linkage Disequilibrium by Graphical Modeling

6/24  Fang Yin, Ph.D., IMO Postdoc Candidate, Polymer Loop Brush Simulation Study Using Monte-Carlo and Molecular Dynamics

6/15  Kieran Smallbone, D.Phil, Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology, Cancelled

6/10  Trachette Jackson, Ph.D., University of MichiganEndothelial Cell-Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapies IMO-PSOC Seminar

6/3  Volkan Sevim, Ph.D., IMO Post Doc CandidateModeling Cyclic Dynamics in Gene Regulatory Networks:Transcriptional Cell-Cycle Oscillator in Yeast

5/27  Keiran Smalley, Ph.D., MoffittBRAF Inhibition in Melanoma: From Response to Resistance

5/20  Eunjung Kim, Ph.D., IMO Post Doc Candidate, Mathematical Models for Matrix Mechanics and Cell-Matrix Interactions in Biological Systems

5/13  Eduardo Sotomayor, M.D., Moffitt, Targeting Histone Deacetylase 6 and 11 to Regulate Inflammation and Immune Tolerance

4/29  Craig Stevens, MD, Ph.D./Geoffrey Zhang, Ph.D., Moffitt, Deformable Image Registration and Pulmonary Ventilation Calculation Using 4D CT

4/22  Eric Haura, M.D., Moffitt, Expanding Drug And Biomarker Space Through Protein-Protein Interaction And Phosphoproteomic Networks

4/1  Virendra Kumar, Ph.D., Moffitt, Radiomics of Lung Cancer

4/1  Heather Cornnell, Ph.D., MoffittMeasurement And Manipulation Of The Heterogeneity Of The Physical Tumor Microenvironment

4/1  Narges Kharazani Tafreshi, Ph.D., Moffitt, Identification Of Novel Cell-Surface Targets Specific to Breast Cancer for the Non-invasive Detection of Metastatic Breast Cancer in Lymph Node

4/1  Jonathan Wojtkowski, Ph.D., Moffitt,  Chronic Autophagy is a Cellular Adaptation to Tumor Acidic pH Microenvironment

3/11  Timothy J. Yeatman, M.D., Moffitt, Molecular Signatures Of Cancer

2/25  Channa de Silva, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry& Biochemistry and Bio5 Institute, University of Arizona,  Images of Cleavage: Tumor Proteases In Action

2/04  Mark Robertson-Tessi, IMO Post Doc Candidate, A Mathematical Model of Tumor-Immune Interactions

1/21  Bakhti Vasiev, Ph.D., University of Liverpool,UK, Pattern Formation in Excitable Systems with Applications to Developmental Biology


12/17   Jonathan Wojtkowiak, Moffitt,  Low pH induced phenotypes

12/10  Philip Maini, Centre for Mathematical Biology, University of OxfordSome mathematical models of Cancer growth

11/19  Philip Gerlee, Niels Bohr Institute, DenmarkEvolving homeostatic tissue using genetic algorithms

11/16  Peter Hinow, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Spatial Model of Tumor-Host Interaction: Application of Chemotherapy

11/12   Ingeborg van Leeuwen, Karolinska Institute, Sweden, From mathematical modelling to cell biology: (1) A multiscale model for intestinal tissue renewal; and (2) The p53 pathway: complexity,oscillations, and therapeutic exploitation

11/11   Carlo Maley, The Wistar InstituteTBA

10/20   Kristin Swanson, University of Washington, Personalized Mathematical Oncology:Patient-Specific Mathematical Modeling of Glioma Growth and Progression

10/15   Juan Del Valle, MoffittTargeting Oncoproteins with Natural Product and Secondary Structure Mimetics

10/01   Robert Gatenby, MoffittNew ideas for discussion: 1. Evolutionarily enlightened therapy 2.An ensemble model of intracellular pathways

9/17    James DeGregori, University of Colorado, DenverAdaptive Oncogenesis: relating stem cell fitness, aging and cancer

9/10    Dmitry Gabrilovich, Moffitt,  Regulation of immune responses in cancer by myeloid-derived suppressor cells

9/03    Said Sebti, MoffittDrug discovery at Moffitt: from chemical biology to hypothesis-driven clinical trials

8/27    Marco Scianna, Department of Mathematics, Politecnico di Torino, Italy,  Individual Cell Based Models for Cell Scatter of ARO and MLP-29 Cells in Response to Hepatocyte Growth

8/27    Chiara Giverso, Department of Mathematics, Politecnico di Torino, Italy,  Cellular Potts Model for Ovarian CancerMetastasis

7/09   Scott Antonia, Moffitt, Immunotherapy Translational Research At Moffitt

7/10   Edward Flach, Dresden Technical University, Germany Motility and the cellular Potts model. Muscle development: slow twitch cell migration

6/04   Amanda Shanks, Yoonseok Kam, Ariosto Silva, Moffitt, IMO poster presentations

5/28   James Helm, Moffitt, Signaling Pathways and Outcomes in Pancreatic Cancer

5/21   Esteban Celis, Moffitt, Development of Optimized Epitope vaccines for Cancer

5/14   John Curd, Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Tumor hypoxia as a selective target for novel treatments in cancer-lessons from the development of TH-302

5/07   S. Sendhil Velan, West Virginia University, Department of Radiology,  Localized Multi-Dimensional MRS: Unraveling thehidden resonances at clinical field strengths

4/30   Liping Xu, Kavindra Nath, David Basanta, MoffittIMO poster presentations

4/23   Gerold Bepler, MoffittRRM1 in lung cancer

4/24   Gibin Powathil, University of Waterloo, CanadaModeling brain tumor: effects of microenvironment and associated therapeutic strategies

4/24   Cory Howk, Iowa State University, A mathematical model for IL6-induced differentiation of neural progenitor cells on a micropatterned polymer substrate

4/16  Jonathan Wojtkowiak, Moffitt, Autophagy: A matter of life and death

4/09  Gary V. Martinez, Arig Ibrahim Hashim, PrasantaDutta, MoffittIMO poster presentations

4/02  P. K. Burnette, Moffitt, T cell homeostatsis in Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes

3/19  Virendra Kumar, MoffittMagnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging in prostate cancer

3/12  Peter Thelwall, Newcastle University, UK, Imaging oxidative stress defences with MRI

3/05   Amanda Baker, University of ArizonaThioredoxin-interacting protein as a potential target for pancreatic cancer therapy

2/26  Ed Seto, MoffittThe Biology of Histone Deacetylases

2/19   Anna Giuliano, Moffitt, The Natural History of Human Papillomavirus Infection in Men

2/18   Emi Shudo, Los Alamos National LaboratoryHepatatis C virus kinetics during treatment with pegylated interferon alfa-2b. A model that allows for time-varying drug effectiveness. & Dynamic optimization of the immune reaction against virus/bacteria infection

2/12  Dr. Yoonseok Kam, MoffittIn vitro cancer migration-invasion assay design driven by mathematical models

2/05  Thomas Sellers, Moffitt, Approaches to determine ovarian cancer susceptibility

1/29  Samuel E. Day, University of Cambridge & NIHDNP hyperpolarized 13C-MRI: an approach to study enzyme function using magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging

1/22  Eric Haura, MoffittUsing shotgun phosphoproteomics to discern tyrosine kinase signaling in cancer

1/21  Hugo Aerts, University of MaastrichtComputer assisted theragnostics: an individualized decision support system

1/09  Natasha Kaleta Martin, University of Oxford, Biocarbonate therapy: from mice to humans with mathematical models

1/08  John Koomen, MoffittCancer proteome cataloging and quantitative network analysis

12/18  William Dalton, Moffitt, Novel targets to inhibit and reverse drug resistance in hematologic malignancies

12/11  Javier Torres-Roca, Moffitt, System biology modeling of the radiosensitivity network

12/04  Ami Radunskaya, Pomona College, Mathematical models of tumor-immune interactions

11/20  David Morse, Moffitt, Choline as a biomarker for breast cancer diagnosis and therapeuticresponse

11/13  Simon Hayward, Vanderbilt University, Cellular interactions and prostate cancer progression

11/06  Keiran Smalley, Moffitt, Using 3D cell culture models to bring new insights to cancer biology

10/30  Kasia Rejniak, Moffitt, IB Cell model in cancer development and treatment

10/23  Gerard Ostheimer, MIT, Data driven modeling of cellular senescence and apoptosis after DNA damage

10/16  Lori Hazlehurst, Moffitt, The bone marrow microenvironment contributes towards resistance to BCR-ABL inhibitors in CML

10/09  Philip Tofilon, Moffitt, The microenvironment and glioblastomaradiosensitivity

9/25  Alexander Anderson, Moffitt, Microenvironment driven invasion: a multiscale multimodel investigation

9/18  Robert Gilles, Moffitt,  Acid-mediatedinvasion and bicarb treatment

9/11  David Basanta, Moffitt, Evolutionary game theory approaches to cancer modeling

9/04  Ariosto Silva, Moffitt, Adaptive therapy : an alternative cancer treatment

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