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Gallery of images form IMO research. Click on thumbnails to enlarge image:

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Carcinogenesis figure
Luciferase imaging of metastasis
Prostate cancer simulation
Pic22 Pic1 Pic16 Pic9
Normal epithelial acinus simulation
The Warburg effect becomes hardwired early in carcinogenesis (DCIS stage)
Adaptive landscape of normal tissue
Pic15 Pic20 Pic6 Pic8
Effect of bicarbonate on pHe in window chambers
3D Simulation of tumor induced angiogenesis
Clonal cancer expeansion by IBCell model
2D tumor invasion morphology produced by NEA (Nest Expansion Assay)
Pic11 Pic24 Pic24 Pic17
Targeting cell surface
Vascular tumor growth
Cellular growth and division by IBCell model
Causes of elevated glycolysis
Pic5 Pic14 Pic21
Micropapillary pattern of DCIS
Acid mediated invasion
Pic12 Pic3 Pic13 Pic4
Glut-1 staining in DCIS
Simulated tumor growth by IBCell model
pH imaging
Late stage in epithelial acinus formation
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