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Book edited by IMO members, 2007 A map of IMO conference attendance and invited presentations IMO weekly seminars  


MBI workshop co-organized by IMO, Columbus, January 26-30, 2009


SIAM-CSE09, minisymposium organized by IMO, Miami, March 2-6, 2009


SMB09 minisymposium co-organized by IMO, Vancouver, July 27-30, 2009
















Book from IMO group members:
Single Cell Based Models In Biology and Medicine
Eds. A.R.A. Anderson, M.A.J. Chaplain & K.A. Rejniak
Mathematics and Biosciences in Interactions series
ISBN 978-3-7643-8101-1
Springer-Verlag, 2007.


To adequately describe complex spatio-temporal processes that occur in multi- cellular organisms, a class of models is required that simultaneously takes into account differences between individual cells as well as their ability to communicate and interact with one another and their environment. Single-cell- based models form a framework that allows for the explicit incorporation of different properties of individual cells, but at the same time enables all cells to act together as one collective body. This leads ultimately to more biologically realistic models of heterogeneous tissues and multi-cellular organisms and allows for a better understanding of the principles underlying the complex biological processes occurring during the

formation, growth and maintenance of multi-cellular bodies. The aim of this book is to assemble a collection of different mathematical and computational models and techniques that focus on individual cells, cell processes and cell behavior, that are also suitable to address problems on the multi-cellular or tissue scale. We would like to focus the level of the book equally to students starting their research in the field of mathematical biology and to scientists already modelling multi-cellular processes. Therefore, our intention is to include in this book a detailed description of each model and an extensive review of suitable biological and medical applications.

Click here for a preview of the book.




IMO weekly seminar series


The first Integrated Mathematical Oncology seminar, on Thursday September 4th 2008, gathered only five members, speaker included, i.e. the core of the math-modeling group: Bob, Sandy, Kasia, David and Arioso who gave a talk on "Adaptive Therapy: an alternative cancer treatment". Attendance has increased significantly when the Molecular and Functional Imaging group moved in to the town. Moreover, we can proudly announce that some of our invited speakers have enjoyed the friendly but brainstorming atmosphere of IMO seminars so much, that they became fans of the IMO and are joining us every Thursday at lunch time. And we are your fans too: Javier, Keiran, Alvaro and Maghan.



Several local Moffitt scientists gave talks summarizing their research interests and experimental techniques used, and discussed with us possible mathematical/computational modeling approaches.

We also hosted a few outside speakers: both our collaborators and visiting guests; mathematicians, experimentalists, image scientists, radiologists, pharmaceutical scientists and clinicians.

Dr. Simon Hayward (Vanderbilt University) at the IMO seminar



MBI workshop co-organized by IMO:
MBI workshop on Cancer Development, Angiogenesis, Progression, and Invasion
January 26-30, 2009, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Columbus, Ohio
workshop website:


SIAM minisymposium organized by IMO:
SIAM conference on Computational Science and Engineering
March 2-6, 2009 Miami, Florida
minisymposium: "State of the Art in Computational Modeling of Cancer"
minisymposium website


One of the participants called this minisymposium "a family reunion" and we actually really like that. We invited 12 scientists from US and from abroad working on different aspects of cancer modeling to share there scientific experience and results. Thanks Yi, Andreas, James, Sasha, Heiko, Bruce, David, Yangjin, Zhihui, Fang for coming. A few of our colleagues could not make it to Miami this time, and we still regret that. Topics of the minisymposium included - tumor initiation, progression, agiogenesis, metastasis, avascular and vascular tumor growth, and cancer treatment, ad the techniques presented included continuous models, various types of individual-cell based models, Mont Carlo simulations, game theory and fluid-dynamics approach.


photos from our presentations:
Fig Fig Fig


Fig Fig
IMO members in Miami
To celebrate our move from Scotland to Florida, we invited our minisymposium speakers and a few other friends for a dinner in a very cosy La Loggia restaurant Downtown Miami. It was not only a nice culinary experience but a challenging one. We were proved that half of a German population (at least that present at the table) speaks fluent Norwegian! And we had a lively discussion-competition to determine what temperature has the same numerical value in C and F. Well, it took a few approximations and actually solving one linear equation to find out that it is -40 :o)


SMB minisymposium co-organized by IMO:
International Conference on Mathematical Biology
Annual Meeting of the Society of Mathematical Biology
July 27-30, 2009, Vancouver, Canada
special interdisciplinary double minisymposium:
"Towards Quantitative Integrated Oncology-Why 1+1 is greater than 2"
conference website



Map of IMO conference attendance and invited presentations:



July 27-30, 2009, SMB 09, Society for Mathematical Biology annual meeting, Vancouver, Canada, Kasia Rejniak, David Basanta

June 28-30, 2009, NCI Integrative Cancer Biology Meeting, Palo Alto, CA, Sandy Anderson, David Basanta

June 15-17, 2009, Immersed Boundary Methods: Current Status and Future Research Directions Academy Colloquium, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Kasia Rejniak

May 27-30, 2009, Statistical Mechanics of Game Theory, Mariehamn, Finland, David Basanta

May 21, 2009, St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Tufts University, Center for Cancer System Biology, Boston, MA, Kasia Rejniak

May 19, 2009, Centre for Computational and Systems Biology, The Microsoft Research - University of Trento, David Basanta

April 18-22, 2009, AACR09, American Association of Cancer Research Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, Bob Gatenby

March 24-27, 2009, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Workshops, Computational Cell Biology, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, Sandy Anderson, Kasia Rejniak, David Basanta

March 23, 2009, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University, New York, Kasia Rejniak

March 15-10, 2009, Keystone Symposia on Extrinsic Control of Tumor Genesis and Progression, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Kasia Rejniak

March 2-6, 2009, SIAM CSE09, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering Meeting, Miami, FL, Sandy Anderson, Kasia Rejniak, David Basanta

February 4-5, 2009, Tulane University, Department of Mathematics and Center for Computational Sciences, New Orleans, Kasia Rejniak

January 26-30, 2009, MBI Workshop on Cancer Development, Angiogenesis, Progression, and Invasion, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Sandy Anderson, Kasia Rejniak, David Basanta

January 14-16, 2009, NCI Integrative Cancer Biology Meeting, Washington, DC, Sandy Anderson, Kasia Rejniak, David Basanta




December 13-17, 2008, SIG-ASCB08, American Society for Cell Biology annual meeting, San Francisco, CA, Kasia Rejniak

September 15-19, 2008, MBI Workshop on Cell and Tissue Movement, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Kasia Rejniak

August 25-26, 2008, ICBP Junior Investigator Meeting, Cambridge, MA, Kasia Rejniak

June 29-July 4, 2008, ECMTB08, European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology, Edinburgh, Scotland, Sandy Anderson, Kasia Rejniak, David Basanta

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