Cancer Epidemiology

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The mission of the Department of Cancer Epidemiology is to investigate risk and prevention factors for cancer, biomarkers that identify persons at risk, and lifestyle and molecular factors that affect patient outcomes using human populations as the laboratory.  The faculty comprises epidemiologists with wide ranging expertise in nutrition, energetics and metabolism, viral and infectious agents of disease, and genetics. Investigators collaborate with basic and clinician scientists at Moffitt in all of the major departments and programs to identify novel and testable hypotheses and to facilitate research with the ultimate goal of reducing the burden of cancer in human populations through prevention and early detection of disease.

Cancer Epidemiology Members

Department Chair:
Peter Kanetsky, PhD, MPH

Christine M. Pierce Campbell, PhD, MPH
Kathleen M. Egan, ScD
Anna R. Giuliano, PhD
John J. Heine, PhD
Peter A. Kanetsky, PhD, MPH
Nagi B. Kumar, PhD, RD, FADA
Howard L. McLeod, PharmD
Alvaro NA Monteiro, PhD
Tuya Pal, MD
Jong Y. Park, PhD
Catherine M. Phelan, PhD, MD, MMS
Dana E. Rollison, PhD
Matthew B. Schabath, PhD
Thomas A. Sellers, PhD, MPH
David Shibata, MD
Xia Wang, MD, PhD
Jenny Permuth Wey, PhD, MS
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