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CIRC Scientific Retreat 

The first annual CIRC Scientific Retreat was held at the Tampa Marriott Waterside on May 1, 2015. This all-day event was attended by 44 investigators from the Moffitt Research Institute and the Moffitt Medical Group and featured presentations by Moffitt investigators on immunotherapy, biomarker discovery and validation, and social-behavioral and health sciences, as well as discussions regarding currently available Moffitt resources. The last portion of the retreat featured an open discussion of future directions for CIRC projects and ideas that emerged for allocation of CIRC pilot funding.

Goals that emerged from the CIRC retreat include research projects that will be submitted for intramural and extramural pilot funding, as well as projects further along the pipeline that will be submitted as NIH P01 and R01 applications. These projects include:

  • Identifying infections related to ovarian cancer
  • De-escalation of therapy based on chemokine, immune, and radiosensitivity profiles
  • Identification of infectious agents in radiosensitive and immune activated tumors
  • Merkel Cell study expansion through ORIEN
  • Biomarker studies incorporating miRNA
  • Modeling to determine optimal timelines and dosages for therapy of infection related tumors
  • Interventions to increase HPV vaccine uptake in Florida
  • Project teams formed at the retreat will be meeting in the upcoming months and will lead discussions as part of upcoming CIRC monthly meetings. Feedback from the retreat indicated that this type of open dialogue is an excellent way to connect individuals with shared interests and build on existing ideas and resources to move CIRC research forward.

    HPV Action and Awareness Coalition

    A dream come true: Cancer prevented by vaccines (The Tampa Tribune — June 29, 2014)
    by Anna R Giuliano, Ph.D and Susan T. Vadaparampil, Ph.D
    If you overheard someone say that by giving three doses of a vaccine during adolescence, cancer could be prevented, you might think they were talking about a movie. But what you heard is not science fiction, nor is it a dream. This is reality! Read more

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