Cancer Imaging & Technology Center of Excellence

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There is a need to combine cancer imaging and technology to further the research for the treatment and cure of cancer. Cancers are heterogeneous, dynamical systems that are unique in every patient. Management of these patients has an absolute requirement for dynamical, longitudinal and quantitative data. Imaging can provide such data and the mission of the CoE is to develop these imaging technologies to their fullest potential.


  1. To improve patient care and fundamental knowledge through developing and deploying innovative technologies for precise and accurate characterization of individual cancers.
  2. To employ innovative analysis of data using precision diagnostics, radiomics and mathematical models and analytics that focus on reducing cancer burden one patient at a time.
  3. To devise novel strategies for early detection and improved diagnosis.
  4. To develop a multidisciplinary approach to analyze data obtained from patient samples that will lead to better treatment plans

The Cancer Imaging and Technology Center of Excellence will be an international leader in cancer image analytics with multiple collaboration sites that will lead to the largest archive of digital radiological and histopatholgical images worldwide. We will reduce cancer burden with improved detection and diagnosis and more informed Decision Support Tools. The net result will be improved cancer care and outcomes for all cancer patients.

Director: Robert J. Gillies, PhD
Co-Directors: Robert Gatenby, MD and Tony Magliocco, MD

Ghassan E. El-Haddad, MD
John J. Heine, PhD
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