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Team Members

Robert Gatenby, M.D. will be responsible for the overall direction of the PS-OC including its research, teaching and administrative components. He will play an active role in the projects devoted to carcinogenesis and tumor invasion/microenvironment.  He has a previous history of collaborations with the leaders of most of the other components of the PS-OC as well as Dr. Maini (Oxford), and Dr. Brown (University of Illinois, Chicago).


Robert Gillies, Ph.D. will be co-director of the PS-OC, focusing on tumor biology and experimentation. He is a member of the IMO and director of research imaging at Moffitt.  He is an expert in both tumor microenvironment and tumor imaging at the micro-, meso- and macro- levels.  In this program, he will bear primary responsibility for project 2, but will also provide experimental expertise to project 1 with micro and mesoscopic imaging and project 3, with his expertise in MRI and PET.  He will also work as the Biological co-director of the program and will work with Dr. Gatenby to administrate it.


Alexander (Sandy) Anderson, Ph.D.  is co-director of the IMO at Moffitt and will be the mathematical co-director of the PS-OC supervising the maths core. He is an applied mathematician with extensive experience in cancer modeling and is the originator of the IMO vision. He collaborates with a number of experimentalists and clinicians.  In this program, he will bear primary responsibility for project 1 and will also collaborate heavily in project 2, especially with modeling of angiogenesis and project 3, with glioma invasion.  He will also direct the computation core A and provide the interface between the IMO and the Moffitt IT department.


Kristin Swanson, Ph.D. is a professor of pathology, radiology, and applied mathematician at the University of Washington. She is an expert of modeling clinical outcome in malignant brain tumor.  In this program, she will be a member of the Director’s Committee, and responsible for the multidisciplinary project 3, with applications to clinical brain cancers.  



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