Physical Science Oncology Center PS-OC Cores

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Computation/Mathematics Core

Alexander Anderson, Robert Gatenby, a Computational Mathematician along with Consultant, Joel Brown, Ph.D., Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department, University of Illinois, Chicago will comprise this core.

The central premise of this PS-OC and the IMO is that cancer is a complex, multi-scale, adaptive dynamical system. Mathematical models are necessary to bridge the temporal and spatial scales ranging from molecular through organism-level processes. However, each scale also presents different challenges in measuring and modeling system dynamics that must be understood and addressed. This core will serve to enable the bridging of these scales using modeling and computation.

Imaging Core

Understanding the multiscale dynamics of the physical microenvironment in cancer and its role it tumor biology requires both measurement of key cellular and environmental parameters and spatial and temporal variations in those parameters. Imaging is the key enabling technology in bridging the mathematical models and tumor biology.

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