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M2Gen®, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute’s wholly owned, for-profit subsidiary, advances personalized medicine by using high quality tissue, clinical data and molecular technology to advance personalized cancer treatments.

M2Gen’s goal is to accelerate science that will:

  • Identify an individual’s susceptibility to disease
  • Predict how a given patient will respond to a particular drug
  • Match patients to best-in-class therapeutics

To achieve this, M2Gen, along with Moffitt Cancer Center and the 17 hospitals in our Consortium Network , have created the world’s largest cancer-focused biorepository linked to longitudinal clinical and derived molecular data. With more than 85,000 patients across the United States currently enrolled in our long-term observational research study, M2Gen has collected more than 40,000 tumor specimens. Over 300 new patients enroll in the study each week – vastly expanding M2Gen’s knowledge base of clinical, pathologic, demographic, and biomarker data.

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