Ronald C. DeConti, MD

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Ronald C. DeConti, MD

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Education And Training
  • Fellow, Yale University School of Medicine, 1966 - Medical Oncology; Pharmacology
  • Resident, North Carolina Memorial Hospital, 1964 - Medicine
  • MD, Yale University School of Medicine, 1959

Dr. DeConti's research interest focuses on clinical trials for the treatment of melanoma and head and neck cancers.

  • May JT, Rao N, Sabater RD, Boutrid H, Caudell JJ, Merchant F, Han G, Padhya TA, McCaffrey JC, Tanvetyanon T, Deconti R, Kish J, McCaffrey TV, Trotti A. Intensity-modulated radiation therapy as primary treatment for oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma. Head Neck. 2013 Dec;35(12):1796-1800. Pubmedid: 23468387.
  • Rao NG, Han G, Greene JN, Tanvetyanon T, Kish JA, De Conti RC, Chuong MD, Shridhar R, Biagioli MC, Caudell JJ, Trotti AM. Effect of prophylactic fluconazole on oral mucositis and candidiasis during radiation therapy for head-and-neck cancer. Pract Radiat Oncol. 2013 July;3(3):229-233. Pubmedid: 24674369.
  • Allam-Nandyala P, Bui MM, Deconti R, Purohit C, Altiok S. Squamous cell carcinoma with rhabdoid phenotype of skin/soft tissue in a transplant patient: An exceptional case and review of the literature. Diagn Cytopathol. 2013 Feb;41(2):159-163. Pubmedid: 23335454.
  • Glass LF, Deconti RC, Sondak VK. Introduction: advanced cutaneous malignancies. Semin Oncol. 2012 Apr;39(2):132-133. Pubmedid: 22484183.
  • Deconti RC. Chemotherapy of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin. Semin Oncol. 2012 Apr;39(2):145-149. Pubmedid: 22484186.
  • Donepudi S, Deconti RC, Samlowski WE. Recent advances in the understanding of the genetics, etiology, and treatment of merkel cell carcinoma. Semin Oncol. 2012 Apr;39(2):163-172. Pubmedid: 22484188.
  • Algazi AP, Weber JS, Andrews SC, Urbas P, Munster PN, DeConti RC, Hwang J, Sondak VK, Messina JL, McCalmont T, Daud AI. Phase I clinical trial of the Src inhibitor dasatinib with dacarbazine in metastatic melanoma. Br J Cancer. 2012 Jan;106(1):85-91. Pubmedid: 22127285. Pmcid: PMC3251861.
  • Argiris A, Ghebremichael M, Burtness B, Axelrod RS, Deconti RC, Forastiere AA. A phase 2 trial of bortezomib followed by the addition of doxorubicin at progression in patients with recurrent or metastatic adenoid cystic carcinoma of the head and neck: a trial of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (E1303). Cancer. 2011 Aug;117(15):3374-3382. Pubmedid: 21246525. Pmcid: PMC3135694.
  • Bedikian AY, Deconti RC, Conry R, Agarwala S, Papadopoulos N, Kim KB, Ernstoff M. Phase 3 study of docosahexaenoic acid-paclitaxel versus dacarbazine in patients with metastatic malignant melanoma. Ann Oncol. 2011 Apr;22(4):787-793. Pubmedid: 20855467.
  • Daud AI, Xu C, Hwu WJ, Urbas P, Andrews S, Papadopoulos NE, Floren LC, Yver A, Deconti RC, Sondak VK. Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic analysis of adjuvant pegylated interferon α-2b in patients with resected high-risk melanoma. Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 2011 Mar;67(3):657-666. Pubmedid: 20509027. Pmcid: PMC3043235.
  • DeConti RC, Algazi AP, Andrews S, Urbas P, Born O, Stoeckigt D, Floren L, Hwang J, Weber J, Sondak VK, Daud AI. Phase II trial of sagopilone, a novel epothilone analog in metastatic melanoma. Br J Cancer. 2010 Nov;103(10):1548-1553. Pubmedid: 20924376. Pmcid: PMC2990578.
  • Finkelstein SE, Carey T, Fricke I, Yu D, Goetz D, Gratz M, Dunn M, Urbas P, Daud A, DeConti R, Antonia S, Gabrilovich D, Fishman M. Changes in dendritic cell phenotype after a new high-dose weekly schedule of interleukin-2 therapy for kidney cancer and melanoma. J Immunother. 2010 Oct;33(8):817-827. Pubmedid: 20842055.
  • Samlowski WE, Moon J, Tuthill RJ, Heinrich MC, Balzer-Haas NS, Merl SA, DeConti RC, Thompson JA, Witter MT, Flaherty LE, Sondak VK. A phase II trial of imatinib mesylate in merkel cell carcinoma (neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin): A Southwest Oncology Group study (S0331). Am J Clin Oncol. 2010 Oct;33(5):495-499. Pubmedid: 20019577. Pmcid: PMC2978644.
  • Kudchadkar R, Deconti R. Systemic treatments for merkel cell carcinoma. Curr Probl Cancer. 2010 Jan;34(1):97-107. Pubmedid: 20371077.
  • Tanvetyanon T, Qin D, Padhya T, McCaffrey J, Zhu W, Boulware D, DeConti R, Trotti A. Outcomes of postoperative concurrent chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced major salivary gland carcinoma. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2009 Jul;135(7):687-692. Pubmedid: 19620591.
  • Daud AI, Dawson J, Deconti RC, Bicaku E, Marchion D, Bastien S, Hausheer FA, Lush R, Neuger A, Sullivan DM, Munster PN. Potentiation of a topoisomerase I inhibitor, karenitecin, by the histone deacetylase inhibitor valproic acid in melanoma: translational and phase I/II clinical trial. Clin Cancer Res. 2009 Apr;15(7):2479-2487. Pubmedid: 19318485.
  • Tanvetyanon T, Padhya T, McCaffrey J, Zhu W, Boulware D, Deconti R, Trotti A. Prognostic Factors for Survival After Salvage Reirradiation of Head and Neck Cancer. J Clin Oncol. 2009 Apr;27(12):1983-1991. Pubmedid: 19289616.
  • Daud AI, DeConti RC, Andrews S, Urbas P, Riker AI, Sondak VK, Munster PN, Sullivan DM, Ugen KE, Messina JL, Heller R. Phase I trial of interleukin-12 plasmid electroporation in patients with metastatic melanoma. J Clin Oncol. 2008 Dec;26(36):5896-5903. Pubmedid: 19029422. Pmcid: PMC2645111.
  • Homsi J, Simon G, Garrett C, Springett G, DeConti R, Chiappori A, Munster PN, Burton M, Stromatt S, Allievi C, Angiuli P, Eisenfeld A, Sullivan D, Daud A. Phase I trial of poly-L-glutamate camptothecin (CT-2106) administered weekly in patients with advanced solid malignancies. Clin Cancer Res. 2007 Oct;13(19):5855-5861. Pubmedid: 17908979.
  • Münster P, Marchion D, Bicaku E, Schmitt M, Lee JH, DeConti R, Simon G, Fishman M, Minton S, Garrett C, Chiappori A, Lush R, Sullivan D, Daud A. Phase I trial of histone deacetylase inhibition by valproic acid followed by the topoisomerase II inhibitor epirubicin in advanced solid tumors: a clinical and translational study. J Clin Oncol. 2007 May;25(15):1979-1985. Pubmedid: 17513804.
  • Mitchell MS, Abrams J, Thompson JA, Kashani-Sabet M, DeConti RC, Hwu WJ, Atkins MB, Whitman E, Ernstoff MS, Haluska FG, Jakowatz JG, Das Gupta TK, Richards JM, Samlowski WR, Costanzi JJ, Aronson FR, Deisseroth AB, Dudek AZ, Jones VE. Randomized trial of an allogeneic melanoma lysate vaccine with low-dose interferon Alfa-2b compared with high-dose interferon Alfa-2b for Resected stage III cutaneous melanoma. J Clin Oncol. 2007 May;25(15):2078-2085. Pubmedid: 17513813.
  • Bedikian AY, Millward M, Pehamberger H, Conry R, Gore M, Trefzer U, Pavlick AC, DeConti R, Hersh EM, Hersey P, Kirkwood JM, Haluska FG. Bcl-2 antisense (oblimersen sodium) plus dacarbazine in patients with advanced melanoma: the Oblimersen Melanoma Study Group. J Clin Oncol. 2006 Oct;24(29):4738-4745. Pubmedid: 16966688.
  • Gibson MK, Li Y, Murphy B, Hussain M, DeConti RC, Ensley J, Forastiere AA. Randomized phase III evaluation of cisplatin plus fluorouracil versus cisplatin plus paclitaxel in advanced head and neck cancer (E1395): an intergroup trial of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group. J Clin Oncol. 2005 May;23(15):3562-3567. Pubmedid: 15908667.
  • Langer C, Li Y, Jennings T, DeConti R, Nair S, Cohen R, Forastiere A. Phase II evaluation of 96-hour paclitaxel infusion in advanced (recurrent or metastatic) squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (E3395): a trial of theEastern Cooperative Oncology Group. Cancer Invest. 2004;22(6):823-831. Pubmedid: 15641479.
  • Forastiere AA, Leong T, Rowinsky E, Murphy BA, Vlock DR, DeConti RC, Adams GL. Phase III comparison of high-dose paclitaxel + cisplatin + granulocyte colony-stimulating factor versus low-dose paclitaxel + cisplatin in advanced head and neck cancer: Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group Study E1393. J Clin Oncol. 2001 Feb;19(4):1088-1095. Pubmedid: 11181673.
  • Smith D, Messina J, Perrott R, Berman C, Reintgen D, Cruse C, Glass F, DeConti R, Trotti A, Fenske N. Clinical approach to neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin (Merkel cell carcinoma). Cancer Control. 2000;7(1):72-83. Pubmedid: 10740663.
  • Flood W, Lee D, Trotti A, Spencer S, Murphy B, Khuri F, DeConti R, Wheeler R, Forastiere A. Multimodality therapy of patients with locally advanced squamous cell cancer of the head and neck: preliminary results of two pilot trials using paclitaxel and cisplatin. Semin Rad Oncol. 1999;9(2):61-69. Pubmedid: 10210542.
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