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Nupam P. Mahajan, PhD

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"A major interest in our lab is to determine the role of tyrosine kinases in modulating signaling pathways and as epigenetic modifiers in cancer and other diseases."

Office  (813) 745-6684

Education And Training
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, 2004 - Cell Biology
  • PhD, Indian Institute of Science, India, 1997 - Molecular Biology

We employ two tyrosine kinases, WEE1 and Ack1 (TNK2) to investigate signaling and epigenetic processes.

Some of the major findings of our lab include:

  • We demonstrated for the first time that WEE1 kinase is an epigenetic modifier; it phosphorylates histone H2B at Tyrosine 37 in a cell cycle dependent manner.
  • H2B Ty37-phosphorylation suppressed transcription of all core and linker histones, maintaining equimolar ratio of DNA to histones at the end of S phase.
  • WEE1 mediated H2B Tyr37-phosphorylation acts as a switch to initiate transcriptional shutdown by recruiting repressors like HIRA and excluding the coactivator NPAT and RNA Pol II.
  • We demonstrated that Ack1 is activated in various tumors, including prostate, breast and pancreatic cancer.  We identified multiple effectors of Ack1 signaling; AR, AKT, ATM and Wwox.
  • Addiction of cancerous cells to Ack1 signaling was validated by a small molecular inhibitor, AIM-100.
  • We identified a novel phosphorylation site, Tyrosine 176, in AKT. AKT Tyr176-phosphyrlation correlates with breast, lung and pancreatic cancer progression to metastatic stages.
  • the Tyr267-phosphorylated AR initiated a distinct transcriptional program, critical for androgen-independent growth of prostate cancer (also called CRPC) and promotes radioresistance.


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