Michael J. Schell, PhD

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Michael J. Schell, PhD

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"Statistical examination is critical to glean true biological differences from technological artifacts, providing patients the best personalized treatment."

Office  (813) 745-6061

Education And Training
  • PhD, Florida State University, 1984 - Statistics
  • MS, Florida State University, 1981 - Statistics
  • BS, University of North Carolina, 1979 - Mathematics
  • BA, University of North Carolina, 1979 - Sociology

Dr. Schell has led the development of a statistical method to analyze AQUA (Automated Quantitative Analysis)-generated tissue microarray (TMA) data. The method is a 7-step procedure which works quite well for identifying and resolving technical problems when two highly correlated variables are available.  This method provides a practical and efficient way of identifying an appropriate transformation (square-root, quarter-root or log), if needed, of AQUA scores that can be used to satisfy the normality assumption required by most of statistical procedures.  This methodology identifies and adjusts for possible row or column spatial bias effects in a 20 x 17 rectangular plate used in the AQUA machine, which arise due to technical processing effects. The method facilitates the identification of possible outliers or leverage data points in the data due to, for instance, air bubbles. Dr. Schell is a member of the Cancer Biomarkers Study Section.  He is also the statistician for a large integral-biomarker phase III multi-center clinical trial in lung cancer.

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