Marino E. Leon, MD

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Marino E. Leon, MD

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Education And Training
  • Fellow, Allegheny General Hospital, 2001 - Hematopathology
  • Resident, Hahnemann University Hospital, 2000 - Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
  • Fellow, Hahnemann University Hospital, 2000 - Cytopathology
  • Fellow, Hahnemann University Hospital, 1999 - Surgical Pathology
  • Resident, Cook County Hospital, 1998 - Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
  • MD, Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University, 1990 - Physician and Surgeon

Dr. Leon is interested in translational and collaborative research on the development of novel biomarkers for cancer diagnosis and personalized cancer treatment.

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  • Jackson RS, Leon ME, McCaffrey TV. Chondrosarcoma of the subglottic larynx: submucosal microdissection with the operating microscope. Laryngoscope. 2013 Jun;123(5):1216-1219. Pubmedid: 23404226.
  • Duan W, Gao L, Zhao W, Leon M, Sadee W, Webb A, Resnick K, Wu X, Ramaswamy B, Cohn DE, Shapiro C, Andreassen PR, Otterson GA, Villalona-Calero MA. Assessment of FANCD2 nuclear foci formation in paraffin-embedded tumors: a potential patient-enrichment strategy for treatment with DNA interstrand crosslinking agents. Transl Res. 2013 Mar;161(3):156-164. Pubmedid: 23063585. Pmcid: PMC3755957.
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  • De Las Casas LE, Kalamegham R, Miranda RN, Boman DA, Ramos-Duran LR, Leon ME. Lymphadenoma of the parotid gland: cytological findings, tissue correlation and differential diagnosis. Cytopathology. 2011 Dec;22(6):418-420. Pubmedid: 21108673.
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  • Moffatt-Bruce SD, Ross P, Leon ME, He G, Finkelstein SD, Vaida AM, Iwenofu OH, Frankel WL, Hitchcock CL. Comparative mutational profiling in the assessment of lung lesions: should it be the standard of care?. Ann Thorac Surg. 2010 Aug;90(2):388-396. Pubmedid: 20667316.
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