Lodovico Balducci, MD

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Lodovico Balducci, MD

Senior Member

"Aging is just a milestone; patients should be managed according to their physiologic, not chronologic age."

Office  (813) 745-8658

Education And Training
  • Fellow, University of Mississippi Medical Center, 1979 - Hematology/Oncology
  • Resident, University of Mississippi Medical Center, 1976 - Medicine
  • Fellow, A. Gemelli General Hospital, Roma, Italy, 1970 - Medicine
  • MD, Catholic University, Roma, Italy, 1968

Dr. Balducci’s research focuses on cancer and aging, which has extended to three other areas:  determination of life-expectancy and active life expectancy, polypharmacy in older cancer patients, and support of the caregiver.  In addition, Dr. Balducci has been involved in cooperative trials involving management of breast, lung, colorectal and prostate cancer.

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