Hsiao-Lan Wang, PhD

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Hsiao-Lan Wang, PhD

Office  (813) 974-5216

Education And Training
  • Fellowship, Indiana University, 2011 - Behavioral Nursing Research
  • PhD, Indiana University, 2009 - Nursing Science
  • MSN, Indiana University, 2001 - Adult Clinic Nurse Specialist
  • BS, National Taipei College of Nursing, 1997 - Nursing Management

I have two research focuses. One is to improve head and neck cancer survivorship through a multidisciplinary and transitional approach.  My current study is to understand whether a 10-week physical activity program can improve multiple symptoms.  This program uses the existing Wii Fit software with a tailored Wii Fit routine prescribed by a personal trainer.  The advisory board members designing this program include senior nursing scientists, a head and neck nurse practitioner, exercise physiologist, occupation therapist, and physical therapist.  We are still waiting for follow up data collection of symptoms and planning on moving this study to the Moffitt Cancer Center. 

The second research focus is to promote colon cancer screening adherence.  I have participated in a study that uses computer-tailored intervention to improve colon cancer screening adherence.  I have participated in a study that uses computer-tailored intervention to improve colon cancer screening participations among African Americans (R01; PI; Susan M. Rawl). Currently, I am developing a manuscript to describe predictors of colon cancer screening stage of adoption among non-adherent African Americans. Grant development focusing on this area with a different population (e.g. Hispanics) will be anticipated in the future.

  • Wang HL, Keck JF, Weaver MT, Mikesky A, Bunnell K, Buelow JM, Rawl SM. Shoulder pain, functional status, and health-related quality of life after head and neck cancer surgery. Rehabil Res Pract. 2014 Jan;2013:601768. Pubmedid: 24455274. Pmcid: PMC3886217.
  • Wang HL, Kroenke K, Wu J, Tu W, Theobald D, Rawl SM. Predictors of cancer-related pain improvement over time. Psychosom Med. 2012 Nov;74(6):642-647. Pubmedid: 22753637. Pmcid: PMC3392436.
  • Rawl SM, Skinner CS, Perkins SM, Springston J, Wang HL, Russell KM, Tong Y, Gebregziabher N, Krier C, Smith-Howell E, Brady-Watts T, Myers LJ, Ballard D, Rhyant B, Willis DR, Imperiale TF, Champion VL. Computer-delivered tailored intervention improves colon cancer screening knowledge and health beliefs of African-Americans. Health Educ Res. 2012 Oct;27(5):868-885. Pubmedid: 22926008. Pmcid: PMC3442380.
  • Wang HL, Christy SM, Skinner CS, Champion VL, Springston JK, Perkins SM, Tong Y, Krier C, Gebregziabher N, Rawl SM. Predictors of stage of adoption for colorectal cancer screening among african american primary care patients. Cancer Nurs. 37(4):241-251. Pubmedid: 24145250. Pmcid: PMC3991768.
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