Gregory M. Springett, MD, PhD

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Gregory M. Springett, MD, PhD

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Education And Training
  • Fellow, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, 2004 - Medical Oncology
  • Fellow, Weill Medical College, Cornell University, 2004 - Medicine
  • Resident, University of Maryland Medical System, 2000 - Internal Medicine
  • MD, Harvard Medical School, 1998
  • PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998 - Cell Biology
  • BS, University of Miami, 1985 - Chemistry
  • BS, University of Miami, 1985 - Biochemistry
  • AA, Miami-Dade Community College, 1983 - Premedical Science


Dr. Springett’s research has focused on validation and targeting of LPAAT-beta (lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase; a phosphatidic acid generating enzyme that regulates cell growth and proliferation) in ovarian and pancreatic cancer. Accomplishments of Dr. Springett and colleagues in this area include: 1) demonstration that LPAAT-beta is over expressed in ovarian and endometrial cancers; 2) discovery that LPAAT-beta is a prognostic marker and that expression correlates with poor clinical outcome in ovarian cancer; 3) discovery that LPAAT-beta is expressed in pancreatic cancer; and 4) demonstration that small molecule inhibitors of LPAAT-beta have therapeutic potential in animal models of ovarian cancer. They are working to identify new LPAAT-beta inhibitor pharmacophores that are suitable for translation to phase I trials.

Their work also focuses on developing and implementing biomarker-driven therapeutics into patient-based therapeutic trials. They conducted a phase I dose-escalation study of MK-2461 (a selective inhibitor of c-Met, an oncogene that contributes to malignant transformation and tumor cell metastasis in patients with advanced cancer).  The biomarker-driven trial enrolled patients with evidence of c-Met activation in their tumor specimens to test safety, tolerability and preliminary efficacy.

  • Gordon MS, Springett GM, Su YB, Ould-Kaci M, Wind S, Zhao Y, LoRusso PM. A Phase I dose-escalation study of afatinib combined with nintedanib in patients with advanced solid tumors. Future Oncol. 2015 May;11(10):1479-1491. Pubmedid: 25963426.
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  • Springett GM. Novel pancreatic cancer vaccines could unleash the army within. Cancer Control. 2014 Jul;21(3):242-246. Pubmedid: 24955709.
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