Constance Visovsky, PhD

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Constance Visovsky, PhD

Office  (813) 974-3831

Education And Training
  • Research Fellow, Case Western Reserve University, 2005 - Translational Research Oncology Grant
  • PhD, Case Western Reserve University, 2002 - Nursing
  • MSN, University of Rochester, 1995 - Acute Care Nurse Practitioner: Oncology
  • BSN, University of Rochester, 1993 - Nursing

My research interest is in the neuromuscular effects of cancer treatment, specifically focused on chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. I have completed an NCI-funded trial of resistance exercise as a means of preserving muscle strength during chemotherapy and a pilot study that formed the basis of my recent R01 submission using both aerobic and resistive exercise to ameliorate taxane-induced neuropathy. I am a certified acute care nurse practitioner with expertise in breast cancer, head and neck cancer and malignant melanoma. As a post-doctoral fellow, I studied cancer and exercise behavior with Dr. Kerry Courneya at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I joined USF in January, 2011 in part due to my collaboration with Moffitt Cancer Center member, Dr. Cindy Tofthagen. I was an external reviewer for Dr. Tofthagen’s doctoral dissertation work, and served as a mentor to her in the development of her knowledge and skill in exercise and gait and balance training. We are currently collaborating on several manuscripts, and a pilot study of cancer symptoms experienced by patients in Panama, where we have an undergraduate student community health experience.

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