Brian M. Rivers, PhD, MPH

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Brian M. Rivers, PhD, MPH

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Education And Training
  • PhD, University of Alabama and University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2004 - Health Education and Health Promotion
  • MPH, Morehouse School of Medicine, 2000 - Social and Behavioral Science
  • BS, Vanderbilt University, 1997 - Biology

The focus of Dr. River’s research is men’s oncology, with a particular focus on medically underserved populations and cancer health disparities.  Over the past decade, Dr. Rivers’s efforts have focused primarily on community-based participatory research and implementation of evidenced-based behavioral and educational interventions. Based on the intrinsic linkages of culture, literacy, and communication channels, the utility of emerging technologies and the application of the community health worker (CHW) model among minority men is an integral thread in Dr. Rivers’ work. This approach has been actualized in several key research projects involving the application of the CHW model among African-American men in select community venues, barbershops and churches.  Recent NIH funding has allowed Dr. Rivers to better understand the mechanisms of the informed decision making process for prostate cancer screening through the delivery of community-based education. A second study Dr. Rivers leads seeks to establish a church-based educational program, using the CHW model, for cancer survivors and their spouses to address their unmet educational and psychosocial needs.

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