Barbara A. Centeno, MD

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Barbara A. Centeno, MD

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Office  (813) 745-2451

Education And Training
  • Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, 1993 - Cytopathology
  • Resident, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, 1992 - Anatomic Pathology
  • MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, 1988
  • BA, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, 1984

One of Dr. Centeno's research interests is the study of the molecular progression of pancreatic cancer, which could lead to the identification of targets for early detection and directed therapy. Dr. Centeno is also working on the development of a tumor classifier using gene expression profiling for carcinoma of unknown primary in the liver. Her goal is to expand the application of novel markers and tumor classifiers to the limited cellular samples obtained with fine needle aspiration samples.

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