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Ambuj Kumar, MD, MPH

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Ambuj Kumar, MD, MPH

Assistant Member

"Dr. Kumar's research interest is in development of clinical decision-support systems based on evidenced-based principles available at point of care."

Education And Training
  • MD, Tver State Medical Academy (Tver, Russia), 2003
  • Intern, March of Dimes, Tampa, 2001 - Folic acid awareness program
  • Research Fellow, University of Cologne (Germany), 2001 - Comparative International Health Education Research
  • Graduate Research Assistant, University of South Florida, College of Public Health, 2001 - Community and Family Health
  • MPH, University of South Florida, 2001
  • Field Investigator, American Cancer Society Prostate Cancer Research Program, 2000
  • Chief Resident, DVC Hospital (India), 1999 - General Practice
  • Resident Physician, DVC Hospital (India), 1999 - General Practice

Dr. Kumar’s research interest revolves around issues related to practice of evidence-based medicine. He has successfully applied the principles of evidence-based medicine to the practice of medicine by constantly evaluating the evidence of medical interventions.

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