How SPARK Works

Where You Are:

SPARK provides ten weeks of intensive research study with some of the nation's leading scientists at Moffitt Cancer Center. Students are selected each year to perform a research study under the guidance of a mentor in various programs including: Molecular Oncology; Immunology; Drug Discovery; Experimental Therapeutics; Risk Assessment, Detection and Intervention; Integrated Mathematical Oncology and Health Outcomes and Behavior.


Admission to the program is highly competitive. Selection is based on demonstrated interest through relevant experience (for examples: course work, hands-on research, or independent scholarship), a written essay and academic performance. Required letters of recommendations from teachers or faculty members are also heavily weighed in the selection. Because of the volume of applications, it is not possible to provide feedback to those individuals who are not selected. Admission decisions are not discussed with parents.

Applicants should note that participation represents a 10-week commitment. Internships can be completed during any ten weeks between May 1 and August 31.

Once Admitted

For safety and security concerns, all SPARK interns are subjected to a drug screen, a background check and a tuberculosis test (TB). SPARK interns will also be required to complete an online orientation and attend a Laboratory Research Operations Orientation. SPARK interns receive a taxable stipend to cover personal expenses.

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