Training Objectives

Where You Are:

The USF-Moffitt Cancer Disparity post-doctoral fellow is expected to complete the following core requirements in order to meet the program’s training objectives:

  1. Acquire a Basic Understanding of the Prevention, Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer;
  2. Become Familiar with the Major Studies and Findings in the Area of cancer disparity;
  3. Gain Expertise in Methodologies Needed to Conduct Transdisciplinary cancer disparity research;
  4. Be Able to Critically Review and Evaluate Research in Cancer disparity;
  5. Gain an Understanding of Fundamental Issues Regarding the Ethical Conduct of Research;
  6. Be Able to Formulate a Novel Research Question in Cancer disparity and Design a Methodologically Sound Study to Answer the Question;
  7. Present a minimum of 2 abstracts at national/international professional conferences related to current work;
  8. Complete and publish 2 peer-reviewed manuscripts related to current research
  9. Application submitted for 1 K award or application for R03 at the completion of the one year curriculum
  10. Be competent in Community-Based Participatory Research;
  11. Examine and gain an understanding of the latest findings of specific research on disparities in health;
  12. Demonstrate awareness of cultural competency skills.
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