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We have established training programs to advance the careers of promising scholars who are interested in sharing our mission, "to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer." Access to cutting-edge research facilities and the collaborative, interdisciplinary environment of the Moffitt Cancer Center, will produce strong, successful candidates for research positions throughout the scientific community.

If you are interested in a career in cancer research then the Moffitt Cancer Center is for you. We are interested in recruiting scholars who have a profound interest in preventing, treating and curing cancer, one experiment at a time, as well as those who would like to help patients in their struggle to beat the disease. Moffitt Cancer Center offers diverse educational and training activities, including:

Mentored Physician-Scientist Programs

The Moffitt Research Institute has developed three formal Mentored Physician-Scientist programs to train and mentor select physicians with an interest in research. In addition to their clinical duties, these physicians are provided protected time and effort to conduct independent research.

Postdoctoral Training

The Postdoctoral Training Program at the Moffitt Cancer Center was established to advance the careers of promising scholars who are interested in sharing our mission, which is "to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer."

Postdoctoral Association

The mission of the Moffitt Postdoctoral Association (MPDA) is to foster professional development and social interaction and to provide a collective voice and liaison between postdoctoral fellows, faculty and administration

Cancer Biology PhD Program

Moffitt Cancer Center and the University of South Florida have joined to establish a new graduate program focused specifically on cancer biology.


The goal of SPARK is to provide an authentic educational experience for students who have an aptitude for science and a high level of interest in pursuing a career in research and direct them toward a future in Cancer Research.


Project LINK (Leaders In New Knowledge), is a program that establishes research experiences for underrepresented high school/undergraduate students. It was created to increase and retain minorities in science and create links between established scientists and aspiring scientists at the pre-college and early college level in an enriching research milieu. Working under the direction and guidance of faculty/scientist mentors, students are involved in activities designed to foster the development of life-long research skills. Students commit two years to this program and work in such areas as basic science, clinical investigations and behavioral settings.

HIP-IMO (High-school student Internship Program in Integrated Mathematical Oncology) is an integrated mathematical oncology centric internship program that delivers interdisciplinary team science research experiences for high school students.

Moffitt Scientific Symposium
This annual event showcases the exciting research that is conducted at Moffitt Cancer Center.


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