Pancreatic Cancer 2004

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Genetics and Prevention of Pancreatic Cancer (CME) (PDF file: 192Kb)
Dale Vimalachandran, MB, ChB, MRCS, Paula Ghaneh, MB, ChB, FRCS, Eithne Costello, BSc, PhD, and John P. Neoptolemos, MD, FRCS

Applications of Endoscopic Ultrasonography in Pancreatic Cancer (CME) (PDF file: 152Kb)
Shyam Varadarajulu, MD, and Michael B. Wallace, MD, MPH

Surgical Management of Early-Stage Pancreatic Cancer (CME) (PDF file: 160Kb)
Emmanuel E. Zervos, MD, Alexander S. Rosemurgy, MD, Osama Al-Saif, MD, and Alan J. Durkin, MD

Molecular-Targeted Agents in Pancreatic Cancer (CME) (PDF file: 140Kb)
Everardo D. Saad, MD, and Paulo M. Hoff, MD, FACP

Palliative Care in Pancreatic Cancer (CME) (PDF file: 104Kb)
Frank J. Brescia, MD, MA, FACP

5-Fluorouracil–Induced Coronary Vasospasm (CME) (PDF file: 132Kb)
Laura K. Shoemaker, DO, Umesh Arora, MD, and Caio Max S. Rocha Lima, MD


When the Going Gets Tough . . . (PDF file: 60Kb)
Caio Max S. Rocha Lima, MD

Ten Best Readings: Pancreatic Cancer Clinical (PDF file: 108Kb)

Research Protocols: Pancreatic Cancer (PDF file: 64Kb)

The Role of Cancer Cooperative Groups Within the Spectrum of Cancer Care (PDF file: 184Kb)
James J. Dignam, PhD

Calendar of Events (PDF file: 60Kb)

In the Next Issue (PDF file: 76Kb)


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