Genitourinary Tumors 1999

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(Some of these documents are in Adobe Acrobat Format. If you are unable to open them on your computer you will need to download the "free to download" Acrobat Reader from Adobe.)

Chemotherapy of Testis Cancer [PDF file: 132Kb]
Pasquale Benedetto, MD

Current Status of Partial Nephrectomy in the Management of Kidney Cancer [PDF file: 134Kb]
Arndt van Ophoven, MD; Ke-Hung Tsui, MD; Oleg Shvarts; Sherelle Laifer-Narin, MD; and Arie S. Belldegrun, MD
The Mainz Classification of Renal Cell Tumors [PDF file: 627Kb]
José I. Diaz, MD, Linda B. Mora, MD, and Ardeshir Hakam, MD

Nutrients in the Chemoprevention of Prostate Cancer: Current and Future Prospects [PDF file: 124Kb]
Nagi B. Kumar, PhD, RD, FADA, and Karen Besterman-Dahan, MA, RD

Stage B Prostate Cancer: Correlation of DNA Ploidy Analysis With Histological and Clinical Parameters [PDF file: 29Kb]
Linda B. Mora, MD; Lynn C. Moscinski, MD; José I. Diaz, MD; Pamela Blair; Alan B. Cantor, PhD; and Julio M. Pow-Sang, MD

Special Report: Native American Community-Based Cancer Projects — Theory Versus Reality [PDF file: 64Kb]
Linda Burhansstipanov, MSPH, DrPH, CHES

Special Report: Oncology Journals and the Internet —A Shared Resource [PDF file: 63Kb]
Melissa McKie, MLS


Guest Editorial: "Just the Facts, Ma'am…" [PDF file: 16Kb]
Julio M. Pow-Sang, MD

Ten Best Readings on Genitourinary Tumors [PDF file: 31Kb]
Julio M. Pow-Sang, MD

Conference Preview: Joint Cancer Conference 2000

Cancer Care for the Millennium 2000 [PDF file: 152Kb]
W. Jarrard Goodwin, Jr, MD, FACS, Douglas S. Reintgen, MD, and W. Stratford May, MD, PhD

Clinical Research:

Recent Advances in the Treatment and Outcome of Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer [PDF file: 63Kb]
Edward M. Copeland III, MD

Significance of Sentinel Node Micrometastasis [PDF file: 33Kb]
Charles E. Cox, MD, FACS, Timothy Yeatman, MD, Christopher J. Salud, BA, and Siddharth S. Bass, MD

Role of Carbogen in the Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer [PDF file: 18Kb]
Dietmar W. Siemann, PhD, and William M. Mendenhall, MD

Translational Research:

Tumor Cell Vaccines for Renal Cell Carcinoma [PDF file: 49Kb]
Scott J. Antonia, MD, PhD

JNK Functions as a Stress-Activated and an Interleukin-3 Agonist-Activated Bcl2 Kinase [PDF file: 9Kb]
X. Deng, MD, PhD; L. Xiao, PhD; W. Lang; P. Ruvolo, PhD; B.Carr; and W. May, Jr, MD, PhD

Membrane Mucins and Breast Cancer [PDF file: 176Kb]
Kermit L. Carraway, PhD; Shari A. Price-Schiavi, PhD; Xiaoyun Zhu, PhD; and Masanobu Komatsu, PhD

STAT Proteins and Cancer [PDF file:40Kb]
Tammy Bowman, PhD, and Richard Jove, PhD

Index for 1999 [PDF file: 100Kb]

Peer Reviewers for 1999 [PDF file: 19Kb]

Calendar of Events [PDF file: 29Kb]

Clinical Research Protocols for Genitourinary Tumors [PDF file: 32Kb]

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Pare Watene, by Gottfried Lindauer, 1878. Oil on canvas, 890 x 720 mm. Courtesy of Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. Presented by Mr. H. E. Partridge, 1915.

Rita Angus. Fog, Hawke's Bay (detail), 1968-70. Oil on board. Courtesy of Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, purchased 1968. Reproduced with permission of the artist’s estate.

Jacques Carabain. Queen Street, Auckland (detail), 1889. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. Gift of the P. A. Edmiston Trust, 1986.

Charles Blomfield. White Terraces, Rotomahana (detail), c1897. Oil on canvas, 405 x 553 mm. Courtesy of Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. Gift of Dagmar Graham in memory of Ernest Robert Blomfield Graham, 1995.

Frank Wright. The Canoe Builders (detail), 1915. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, presented by Mr. C. J. Parr, 1915.

Grahame C. Sydney. Cross (detail), 1976. Tempera on gesso on board 624 x 675 mm. Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, purchased 1980.

Christopher Perkins. Taranaki (detail), 1931. Oil on canvas, 508 x 914 mm. Courtesy of Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, purchased 1968.

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