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Bortezomib (PS-341): A Novel, First-in-Class Proteasome Inhibitor for the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma and Other Cancers(CME) (PDF file: 100Kb)
Paul G. Richardson, MD, Teru Hideshima, MD, PhD, and Kenneth C. Anderson, MD

Trials of Arsenic Trioxide in Multiple Myeloma (CME)(PDF file: 52Kb)
Mohamad A. Hussein, MD

Thalidomide and Its Derivatives: New Promise for Multiple Myeloma(CME) (PDF file: 72Kb)
Donna Weber, MD

Farnesyltransferase Inhibitors and Their Role in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma(CME) (PDF file: 56Kb)
Rodrigo Santucci, MD, Paul A. Mackley, Saïd Sebti, PhD, and Melissa Alsina, MD

Gefitinib (ZD1839) in Previously Treated Advanced Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer: Experience From a Single Institution(CME) (PDF file: 92Kb)
George R. Simon, MD, John C. Ruckdeschel, MD, Charles Williams, MD, Alan Cantor, PhD, Alberto Chiappori, MD, Caio M. Rocha Lima, MD, Scott Antonia, MD, PhD, Eric Haura, MD, Henry Wagner, MD, Lary Robinson, MD, Eric Sommers, MD, Michael Alberts, MD, and Gerold Bepler, MD, PhD
Factors Associated With Early Termination of CHOP Therapy and the Impact on Survival Among Patients With Chemosensitive Intermediate-Grade Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma(CME) (PDF file: 116Kb)
Elizabeth A. Chrischilles, PhD, Brian K. Link, MD, Shane D. Scott, PharmD, David J. Delgado, PhD, and Moshe Fridman, PhD

Multiple Myeloma: Increasing Our Treatment Options (PDF file: 16Kb)
Melissa Alsina, MD

Ten Best Readings Relating to Myeloma (PDF file: 24Kb)
Melissa Alsina, MD

A Case Report of Invasive Ductal Adenocarcinoma Identified in a Lymphatic Channel: A Staging Controversy(CME) (PDF file: 40Kb)
James W. Jakub, MD, Francis D. Drake, MD, Andrew W. Pippas, MD, Mary Gardner, MD, Roberto J. Fraile, MD, Rosemary Giuliano, ARNP, MSN, Solange Pendas, MD, and Douglas S. Reintgen, MD

Successful Voriconazole Therapy of Disseminated Fusarium Solani in the Brain of a Neutropenic Cancer Patient(CME) (PDF file: 68Kb)
Albert L. Vincent, PhD, Jose E. Cabrero, MD, John N. Greene, MD, and Ramon L. Sandin, MD

Book Review (PDF file: 20Kb)
Kenyon G. Daniel and Q. Ping Dou, PhD

Book Review (PDF file: 28Kb)
Joseph F. O’Donnell, MD

Clinical Research Protocols (PDF file: 36Kb)

Calendar of Events (PDF file: 24Kb)

In the Next Issue (PDF file: 16Kb)

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Frane Mlinar, whose artwork is included in this issue, is represented by The Weatherburn Gallery, located on prestigious Gallery Row in the heart of the picturesque old quarter of Naples, Florida. It is one of the largest art galleries in the area offering an extensive collection of original works of art from around the world. Although the gallery specializes in works by North American and European realists and impressionists, its collection offers a wide range of other styles. The Weatherburn Gallery is located at 281 Broad Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102. Telephone: 239-263-8008. Web site:

Fisherman’s Cove. Oil on canvas, 49″; × 40″.

Table of Contents:
Best Friends. Oil on canvas, 48″ × 48″.
My World. Oil on canvas, 24″ × 36″.
Tranquil Harbor. Oil on canvas, 35″ × 42″.
Hidden Cove. Oil on canvas, 36″ × 46″.
My Cove. Oil on canvas, 24″ × 24″.
Rest. Oil on canvas, 30″ × 30″.

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