Constipation in the Cancer Patient

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Constipation in Cancer Patients: A Guide for Clinicians

Assessing and Managing Opiate-Induced Constipation in Adults With Cancer (PDF file: 183 Kb)
Susan C. McMillan, PhD, RN, FAAN
Pharmacologic Treatment of Constipation in Cancer Patients (PDF file: 135 Kb)
Jorge G. Avila, PharmD, BCOP

The “Big C” (PDF file: 58 Kb)
John Horton, MB, ChB, FACP

Selected Readings Focusing on Constipation in Cancer Patients (PDF file: 85 Kb)
John Horton, MB, ChB, FACP, and Susan C. McMillan, PhD, RN, FAAN

Case Vignettes: Managing Various Presentations of Constipation in Patients With Cancer (PDF file: 116 Kb)

Guidelines for the Control of Constipation in Adult Patients With Cancer (PDF file: 56 Kb)

Patient Information Sheet: Pain Medicine and Constipation (PDF file: 29 Kb)

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