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(Some of these documents are in Adobe Acrobat Format. If you are unable to open them on your computer you will need to download the "free to download" Acrobat Reader from Adobe.)

Ichabod Jung, MD, and Edward Messing, MD

Contemporary Management of Superficial Bladder Cancer (PDF file: 129Kb)
Julio M. Pow-Sang, MD, and John D. Seigne, MB, BCh
Bladder-Sparing Treatment of Invasive Bladder Cancer (PDF file: 129Kb]
Inoel Rivera, MD, and Zev Wajsman, MD

Progress in the Management of Metastatic Bladder Cancer (PDF file: 129Kb]
Deepika Parimoo, MD, and Derek Raghavan, MD, PhD, FACP, FRACP

Clinical Reasoning: Evidence-Based Medicine and Practice Guidelines — An Overview (PDF file: 65Kb]
Steven H. Woolf, MD, MPH

Clinical Reasoning: Evidence-Based Management of Cancer in the Elderly (PDF file: 129Kb]

Lodovico Balducci, MD

Guest Editorial: Bladder Cancer — One Enemy, Many Fronts (PDF file: 65Kb]
Julio M. Pow-Sang, MD

Imaging in Oncology: A Sonographically Well-Delineated Mass in the Kidney (PDF file: 65Kb]
Marla R. Hersh, MD

Ten Best Readings on Bladder Cancer (PDF file: 65Kb]
Julio M. Pow-Sang, MD

Pathology Update: Tumors of the Thyroid Gland — Histologic and Cytologic Features (Part 2) (PDF file: 387Kb]
Carlos A. Muro-Cacho, MD, PhD, and Ni Ni K. Ku, MD

Calendar of Events (PDF file: 65Kb]

Clinical Research Protocols on Bladder Cancer (PDF file: 65Kb]

In the Next Issue (PDF file: 65Kb]

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The cover of this issue of Cancer Control features a photograph taken in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia, 1999, by J. Bryan Murphy, MD, Clearwater, Florida.

The photographs featured on the Table of Contents page were also provided by J. Bryan Murphy, MD, of Clearwater, Florida. The cities in which the doors were photographed in Tunisia appear in the following order:

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia, 1999.

Hammamet, Tunisia, 1999.

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia, 1999.

Bay of Tunis, Fort Arsenal, Tunisia, 1999.

Tunis, Tunisia, 1999.

Hammamet, Tunisia, 1999.

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