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How Total Cancer Care Works

Patient participation and interest is the single most critical component of Total Cancer Care®. The Total Cancer Care protocol was developed to specifically address the need for tissue collection and longitudinal data collection over a patient’s lifetime through a safe, efficient and consistent process. The IRB approved protocol is open at Moffitt and every Total Cancer Care consortium site.

View a video about Total Cancer Care®.

This Institutional Review Board approved study is open at Moffitt and every Total Cancer Care consortium site.

More than 50,000 patients to date have consented to be part of protocol and the number is growing every day. With lifetime prospective follow-up and a patient portal, patients are active participants in Total Cancer Care.

The Total Cancer Care protocol involves asking thousands of patients like you some survey questions, as well as collecting samples of blood, urine and tumor tissue. The process includes the following steps:

  • Consent: Every patient must first agree to enroll onto the Total Cancer Care Study.
  • The Survey: Information is gathered about the patient’s medical history, generally during regular visits with his or her doctor.
  • Tissue Collection: If a biopsy is recommended by the doctor, a portion of tissue removed from any biopsy is submitted for research. If surgery is needed, we ask permission from the patient to study the excess cancer tissue that is removed. Cancer tissue removed during surgery normally is discarded. Additional blood tests and/or urine tests will be ordered for research purposes.
  • As your treatment ends, lifetime follow-up will occur to collect additional information and ensure your continued well-being.

The information from the survey is combined with information gathered by analyzing the samples. Together this information provides researchers with knowledge for improving patient care.

Watch a video explaining how Total Cancer Care works.

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