How You Can Participate

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As a clinician, it only takes a small investment in time to participant in Total Cancer Care. Once your facility has become a Total Cancer Care Consortium Member, you and your staff will be asked to consider spending just a few minutes with your patients to help enroll them onto the Total Cancer Care Study. Your patients may have questions regarding the Study or the enrollment process, which includes a few survey questions about their medical history. Remember that your patients can elect to withdraw from the study at any time and participation in the Total Cancer Care Study does not impact your treatment decisions in any way.

Why participate? As a clinician you commit yourself everyday to provide your patients with the best care possible. Information collected from the Total Cancer Care Study will lead to advances that improve the standard of care. One day, the Total Cancer Care Study may lead to better diagnostic tools and personalized treatment options that will help you improve the care you provided your patients. Participating in the Total Cancer Care Study is an investment in the future of cancer care.

Watch a video of Sam Donaldson, a cancer survivor and chair of Moffitt Cancer Center's National Board of Advisors, explains the importance of patient participation in the Total Cancer Care program.

For more information about the Study or to have your health care facility join the Total Cancer Care Consortium, please contact us.

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