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Cancer screening is a vital element in ensuring that cancer survivors remain disease free. Early detection greatly improves anyone’s odds of beating a recurrence of nearly all types of cancer, and Moffitt Cancer Center is home to the latest in science and technology of cancer detection to ensure accurate and precise results for all screenings. At Moffitt Cancer Center Screening and Prevention, we offer complete cancer screenings for both women and men, as well as specific cancer screenings such as our Mole Patrol® program, which provides free skin cancer screenings throughout the community and state.

About Moffitt Cancer Center Screening and Prevention

Moffitt Cancer Center Screening and Prevention plays a central role in our mission to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. It is the cancer prevention clinical research laboratory for the Cancer Center. In addition to providing a population base for prevention studies, Screening and Prevention offers a wide range of clinical cancer screening services and extensive community education outreach opportunities, including:

  • Women’s Comprehensive Cancer Checkups (including breasts, thyroid, mouth, skin, lymph nodes, cervix and ovaries)
  • Men’s Comprehensive Cancer Checkups (including prostate, thyroid, mouth, skin, lymph nodes and testes)
  • Digital and film mammograms with computer-aided detection (CAD) for women
  • Colonoscopies at our satellite endoscopy center
  • Skin cancer screenings
  • Pap tests for women

Getting screened early and often is often the difference between life and death for cancer survivors.  To book a screening at Moffitt Cancer Center Screening and Prevention, call 813-745-6769.
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