"The day when you hear you have cancer changes everything.
But I never thought I'd be better for it."

- Steven Lovell

Patient Stories

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Cancer patient stories

Moffitt Cancer Center is home to some of the world’s top cancer doctors and researchers, yet it is the resilience of our patients that allows Moffitt’s staff to remain on the cutting-edge of cancer care and research. The determination and high-spirits of those who walk through our doors day-in and day-out create a positive environment that is generally unknown to most cancer hospitals.

The following patient stories will provide insight to the inner workings of Moffitt’s cancer care & treatment strategies from people of all ages and backgrounds. Listen to those like you who have participated in cancer clinical trials, are currently undergoing cancer treatment, have been recently diagnosed or are in remission. With numerous types of cancers highlighted, you are sure to find a story relatable to your particular condition.

To schedule your appointment, please call 1-888-MOFFITT or complete a patient registration form.

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Cancer caregiver Stories

Additionally, caregivers also play a huge role in the fight against cancer, and our patient stories feature anecdotes from individuals whose family members or friends were diagnosed with cancer regarding the role they played throughout cancer treatment. These stories are particularly valuable for those with loved ones who have recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Click the cancer patient and caregiver stories above to view first-hand accounts of how Moffitt’s cancer care and treatment team have helped people overcome their battle.

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