Prostate Cancer Outcomes
"I can't imagine anywhere better to go than Moffitt for treatment."
- Dennis, Prostate/Melanoma/Colorectal Cancer Survivor
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Prostate Cancer

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At Moffitt Cancer Center, our commitment to quality care is unsurpassed. We realize how vital survival rates are in deciding where to go for treatment.

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The graph below shows the proportion of patients who survived a minimum of five years after initial diagnosis. The survival rates are displayed by stage of disease at initial diagnosis.


Note: These survival rates take into account patients who died of any cause, not just those who died from their cancer.  These survival rates are unadjusted and may not account for differences across hospitals in patients' ages, other medical conditions, or other factors that may affect survival.

Source: Data from Moffitt's Cancer Registry and the National Cancer Data Base

For more survival statistics, visit the National Cancer Institute.

We are as transparent as possible in providing you clear information to help in your decision. Moffitt’s Cancer Registry and Planning departments provided an accurate look at the data. We then compared the data to the United States as reported by the National Cancer Data Base, which is maintained by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer.

The information above represents data from our cancer patients diagnosed over a three-year period (2003-05). The graph shows the proportion of patients who survived a minimum of five years after diagnosis.


Source: Moffitt Cancer Center


Source: Moffitt Cancer Center

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