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Moffitt Day 2014
More than 45 Speak Out for Moffitt volunteers joined our executive leadership and staff in Tallahassee for Moffitt Day at the Florida State Capitol Tuesday, Feb. 18. The event, in its ninth year, puts a human face on the very important health policy issue of cancer treatment and research, and delivers a clear message to Florida legislators that the battle against cancer must remain a top priority for state funding.

Moffitt Day was a multi-faceted effort. Our Speak Out for Moffitt volunteers met with more than 50 legislators, sharing their personal cancer stories and Moffitt experiences. There were also exhibits on two levels of the Capitol Rotunda highlighting our community outreach programs and exceptional research. And the day ended with an evening reception on the 22nd floor of the Capitol.

“Cancer is the leading cause of death in our state. And with the help of the state, we can make strides to save lives,” List told guests at our evening reception.

In addition to celebrating the dedication and passion of all those who work to assist in the prevention and cure of cancer, Moffitt Day generated statewide media coverage on television, internet and social media, allowing Moffitt’s message to reach thousands of Florida citizens.

We’d like to thank all of our Speak Out for Moffitt volunteers and staff for making Moffitt Day a success. Also, special thanks to AAA who supports out Moffitt Day efforts each year.

To get involved with Moffitt Day and other grassroots advocacy events, sign up for Speak Out for Moffitt by visiting

You can view photos from Moffitt Day 2014 on our Flickr page.

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