Residency Curriculum

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Clinical Rotations

The residents will complete nine months of required clinical rotations, two months of elective rotations and one month of HLMCC pharmacy orientation.

Required rotations include:

Pharmacy Orientation 3 weeks 
Medical Oncology  1 month 
Hematology  1 month 
Blood & Marrow Transplantation  1 month 
Ambulatory Care  3 months 
BMT/HEME/MED ONC Option  1month*  
Supportive Care(Nutrition, Pain & Palliative Care and Infectious Disease) 2 months
Research/IDS  1 month 

* This month may be spent either in Blood & Marrow Transplantation or Hematology Medical Oncology, depending on the resident's previous experience and requirements.

Elective rotations may include, but are not limited to:

Investigational Drug Services   
Infectious Disease   
Hematology Clinic  
Blood & Marrow Transplant Clinic  
Pain & Palliative Care Clinic  
Nutrition Support  

Presentations and Publications

The resident will have many opportunities to present during the year. Presentation opportunities include Oncology Forum, Journal Club, Case Presentations, and two formal presentations on a topic of the resident’s choice, including the residency project. Opportunities to publish include the HLMCC journal, Cancer Control, as well as other newsletters and national journals.

Residency Project

The residency project has been incorporated into the requirements of the residency with the intent of providing the resident with the opportunity of developing research and writing skills. The residency project may vary depending upon the interest of the individual resident.  Opportunities at HLMCC exist that allow the resident to gain experience in clinical research, basic science research, or a pharmacy administration project.

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