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During my 23 years of employment with The Tampa Housing Authority, I had the opportunity to expand my career with the Authority through several positions starting as a Job Developer, Bookkeeper and Elderly Services Coordinator. I completed my service as a Certified Property Manager of Housing.

I was proud to be Property Manager at J. L. Young Apartments, a facility that was designated as a special needs complex for the low-income elderly, disabled and handicapped residents. Unfortunately, half of the residents did not have health care.

I was instrumental in helping to bring a Health Clinic to J. L. Young. On October 1, 1991, we opened a health clinic for the elderly, staffed by a group of nurse practitioners from the University of South Florida.

Twelve years after this project, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The surgery took place at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center. The doctors and staff were extremely kind and explained the surgery and my care needs in detail. The morning of the surgery, my husband, daughters, son and the pastor had prayer before I was rolled into the operating room. I felt safe and blessed. A month after my surgery, I had my first chemotherapy treatment. During my eight treatments and 6½ weeks of radiation, I was hospitalized a total of five times, as a result of complications.

After two years, I feel healthy and vibrant. My passion is to give back the care that I received at Moffitt. I will continue to support and volunteer with the Patient Family Advisory Council.

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