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At Moffitt, patients and their families are recognized as valued members of our health care team who have important perspectives, feedback and solutions to share. The philosophy of patient- and family-centered care is central to our services at Moffitt. As such, we are committed to strengthening partnerships with patients and families, and our advisors are vital to this endeavor.

As a patient or family advisor, you would partner with other patients and family members, health care providers and staff to raise issues, communicate patient and family concerns and help with problem solving, with the goal of improving our services. When patient and family volunteers work together with Moffitt staff, faculty and administrators, the health care experience can be improved for everyone. If you are looking for ways to draw on your personal experiences at Moffitt and contribute to the greater good by helping to improve the quality of care at the Cancer Center, this program provides an opportunity to help meet your interests, needs and talents.

For more information, call the Patient & Family Advisory Program at 813-745-1390.

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