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Dr. Susan Minton is a medical oncologist specializing in breast cancer in The Center for Women’s Oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center.  She has been a Moffitt physician for more than a decade and seves as the Clinical Director of Breast Medial Oncology.

Dr. Minton treats women of all ages and stages of breast disease, but her special interest is pre-menopausal women.  She sees patients at Moffitt Cancer Center in the USF area and at Moffitt Cancer Center at International Plaza.

Translational research is another area of concentration for Dr. Minton and she chairs the Breast Program Clinical Research Committee.  Her primary focus is chemo-prevention studies and phase one experimental trials looking at protein-based targeted therapies for breast cancer.  In addition, she is the medical director of research compliance, a Moffitt committee that monitors clinical trials to ensure their safety and quality.

Dr. Minton enjoys serving as a mentor for junior faculty members and physicians pursuing oncology fellowship training.  She has been a member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network breast cancer screening and prevention committees and is currently an ad hoc reviewer for the Journal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Investigation.

Dr. Minton has been named one of Tampa Bay’s “Best Doctors” every year since 2005. 

She is a frequent speaker at community forums and professional conferences, and has published extensively on breast cancer topics in medical journals.

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