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          •  Internal Medicine - Medical Oncology

          •  Thomas Jefferson University - Genitourinary Oncology
          •  Thomas Jefferson University - Hematology Oncology
          •  Medical College of Wisconsin - Hematology Oncology
          •  Georgetown University - Hematology Oncology
          •  Royal College of General Practitioners, UK - Emergency Medicine

          •  University of Connecticut - Internal Medicine

          •  Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, India - MD

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Dr. Shilpa Gupta is a genitourinary oncologist at Moffitt Cancer Center and assistant professor in oncology and internal medicine at the University of South Florida's Morisani College of Medicine.

In addition to her patient care and teaching responsibilities, Dr. Gupta is researching novel targeted therapeutic agents for prostate, bladder and kidney cancer. She has been a presenter and invited speaker at numerous national and international conferences, including GU ASCO, AACR, Men's Health World Congress in France, and Annual World Cancer Congress in Beijing she discussed the role of novel therapeutics and preclinical models for personalized medicine in prostate cancer. She currently the principal investigator on various clinical trials offering novel treatments in genitourinary cancers.

Dr. Gupta attended medical school at the Lady Hardinge Medical College in New Delhi, India, where she ranked with honors in her graduating class, and engaged in various outreach programs like the National Pulse Polio Immunization Program.

After a fellowship in emergency medicine through the Royal College of General Practitioners in the UK, she pursued a Master's in Health Informatics at the University of Minnesota following which she completed an internal medicine residency at the University of Connecticut Health Center. Dr. Gupta then pursued advanced training in oncology through fellowships at Georgetown University, Medical College of Wisconsin and Thomas Jefferson University.  At Thomas Jefferson University, she further specialized in genito-urinary research fellowship.

She is a member of several committees at Moffitt Cancer Center, including scientific review committee, protocol monitoring committee and clinical pathway development committee.  She is also a member of the genitourinary committe of the SWOG and on the panel for the NCCN Guidelines for kidney and testicular cancers.

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