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Dr. Eduardo Sotomayor is the Susan and John Sykes Endowed Chair in Hematologic Malignancies at Moffitt Cancer Center.  He is a professor of oncology and a professor of pathology and cell biology at the University of South Florida College of Medicine
Dr. Sotomayor’s primary area of research is immunotherapy of B-cell malignancies with special emphasis on the design of novel cancer vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. Clinically, Dr. Sotomayor has a particular interest in mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), an aggressive type of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  He has several ongoing phase I and II clinical trial for patients with this type of lymphoma.
A graduate of Federico Villarreal National University School of Medicine in Lima, Peru, Dr. Sotomayor completed his residency in internal medicine at Jackson Memorial Medical Center and the University of Miami School of Medicine.  He pursued a fellowship in medical oncology from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a postdoctoral research fellowship in microbiology and immunology at the University of Miami.
Dr. Sotomayor joined Moffitt in 1999.  He is the recipient of numerous awards, including Celgene’s Young Investigator Achievement Award in Hematology.  He is widely published and is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, American Association for Cancer Research, among other professional organizations.



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