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          •  Diagnostic Radiology

          •  Mayo Clinic Arizona - Cross-Sectional Imaging

          •  University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center - Radiology

          •  University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio - MD

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  • Silva AC, Morse BG, Hara AK, Paden RG, Hongo N, Pavlicek W. Dual-Energy (Spectral) CT: Applications in Abdominal Imaging. Radiographics. 2011 July;31(4):1031-1046. Pubmedid: 21768237.

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  • Charton J, Witherspoon SR, Itani K, Jones FR, Marple B, Morse B. Natural killer/T-cell lymphoma masquerading as orbital cellulitis. Ophthal Plast Reconstr Surg. 2008 Mar-Apr;24(2):143-145. Pubmedid: 18356722.

  • Bailey SR, Polan JL, Morse B, Wetherold S, Villanueva-Vedia RE, Waggoner D, Phelix C, Barera-Roderiquiz E, Goswami N, Munoz O, Agrawal CM. Angiogenic bFGF expression from gas-plasma treated scaffolds. Cardiovasc Radiat Med. 2002 Jul-Dec;3(3-4):183-189. Pubmedid: 12974371.

  • Polan JL, Morse B, Wetherold S, Villanueva-Vedia RE, Phelix C, Barera-Roderiquiz E, Waggoner D, Goswami N, Munoz O, Agrawal CM, Bailey SR. VEGF analysis induced by endothelialized gas-plasma treated D,L-PLA scaffolds. Cardiovasc Radiat Med. 3(3-4):176-182. Pubmedid: 12974370.

 -Gastrointestinal malignancies with a special interest in hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancers

 -Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the abdomen and pelvis

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